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We offer a range of academic support ECs, Appeals, Complaints and Misconduct. 

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Extenuating Circumstances

Extenuating circumstances (ECs) are problems that may occur, that are either unforeseen or out of your control.

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Academic Appeals

You can submit an Academic Appeal once the Progression & Awards Board (PAB) has met to ratify your results and your results letters are published in your Moodle Shell.

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If you’ve made an informal complaint and it’s not close to resolution within a month, we’d advise you to think about making a formal complaint.

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Student Communities

Explore our community pages listed below to read tailored advice and listed services specific to certain student communities. 


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Support & Advice Services

Below are some advice services available to you at Greenwich.  


Financial Support

The Student Finance team can help you to find out more about tuition fees, living costs, bursaries and scholarships, and how to manage your finances.


Wellbeing Service
Access confidential one-to-one counselling to motivational and self-development group workshops.


Cost of Living Support 

Find out more about how we can support you with the increased cost of living. 

Visa Advice

The International Student Advice Service provides free and confidential immigration advice to applicants, students and graduates of the University.

Disability and Dyslexia Service

The Disability and Dyslexia service offers support to students with any disability or specific learning difficulty. You can register with them at any time so that they can arrange your support and put into place any reasonable adjustments that you may require.

Wellbeing and Counselling Service

From confidential one-to-one counselling to motivational and self-development group workshops, the Student Wellbeing Service (Counselling & Mental Health) is here to help and support you.




24/7 Mental Health Support 

Support online and over the phone for your mental health.

Greenwich Legal Advice Clinic

A free online employment and family law clinic which is run by the Department of Law and Criminology 

You can find other legal advice services through the LawWorks service  

Report Bullying, Harassment. Hate Crime and Sexual Violence

Report and get support if you have been subject to Bullying, Harassment, Hate Crime or Sexual Violence. You can report this to the university leaving your details or anonymously. You can use this service to report incidents of racism and discrimination. 


 What else do we do at GSU?


Academic Reps - for academic support we train and support a range of student reps who you can talk to about your issues. 


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - join our Student Communities, see who your Liberation Chairs are, and work with others on campaigns to make a more inclusive campus.

Free Period Products: Pop by any of our Welcome Desks to pick up free period products.



Advice updates

Check out the following for current advice updates. 

Academic Misconduct and use of AI software
Purple Banner with text saying Academic Misconduct and use of AI software with image of a person on

What is academic misconduct and how can you avoid it? Is using AI software misconduct? Read on to find out more about the university's policies.

Getting Your Accommodation Deposit Back
Purple banner which says getting your accommodation deposit back with a picture of a house

At this time of year you might be preparing to move out of rented accommodation for the summer. This is a brief guide to getting your deposit back.

Period Poverty Awareness
Purple Banner with text saying Period Poverty Awareness and a picture of a person holding a sanitary

Nobody should be held back by their period, but the reality is different. Read on to find out the facts and what GSU is doing to combat period poverty for students at the University of Greenwich.