Advice Service

The Students’ Union Advice team offers free and confidential advice for students at the University of Greenwich.

The team is independent from the University, as is the Union, meaning we can give you an impartial view and support on any issues you face.

Everyone faces obstacles or barriers; if you encounter any during your time at University, talking to our Advice team is the first step to get through them, tackle a range of academic and non-academic issues, and continue at University successfully.


Appointments: 0208 331 8267 or

We aim to respond to phone messages and emails within two working days.


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Drop-in Sessions


Drop-in sessions are held in the Union buildings in Greenwich and Southwood Site at Avery Hill. 


The team works at the Greenwich and Avery Hill campuses. If you’re a student based in Medway, you can get help and advice from the Student Advice Centre at GK Unions (


Our Advice team consists of two Advisers, Jason and Tracy. It’s their job to provide you with the right information and support, and advocate on your behalf to the University to ensure that their methods and policies are taking care of your welfare.

They can advise on a wide range of issues including:

- Academic : Appeals, Complaints, Academic offences, Extenuating circumstances, Disciplinary procedures, Fitness To Practice, Fitness To Study, Interrupting your studies  
- Housing : Tenancy agreements, Eviction, Disrepair, Disputes, Deposits
- Health & Wellbeing : Health, Family, Personal safety
- Money : Student finance, Tuition fees, Access to Learning Fund (ALF), Budgeting,Benefits
- Other Issues : Anti-social behaviour, Bullying and Harassment, Disability rights.


Drop-in times

Monday - Friday, 12pm - 2pm

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday - Greenwich, Dreadnought building

Wednesday and Friday - SU offices, Avery Hill, Southwood site


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Advice Handbook


We have put the answers to your most commonly asked queries together here. Your solution might be there, so do check it out before you book a drop-in session.


Advice Handbook