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Late night Advice

Thu 02 Jan 2020

The Advice Service will be setting up shop in Stockwell Street to deliver advice after hours.

Friday deals: Half price Hot Boxes and Sandwiches at Change

Thu 02 Jan 2020

Your favourite meals will be on sale for half price at Change.

Looking back on the decade 2010-2019

Thu 02 Jan 2020

Greenwich Students’ Union looks back on the historic moments that mattered to Greenwich across the last decade.

Varsity 2020 - the new era

Fri 13 Dec 2019

Varsity 2020 -

Find out more about Varsity and changes for 2020


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Your Officers

These are your four Full-time Officers who are here to lead your Students’ Union, implement new ideas, support student-led activities, and represent your voice with the University at every level.

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Upcoming events


Lower Deck, Greenwich
23rd November - 10th July
Lower Deck
The Lower Deck is your student bar in the Dreadnought building. It’s on the basement floor which can accessed by the lift or stairs in the building.
Dreadnought Atrium, Greenwich
16th January - 10th September
dreadnought building
The Dreadnought building is located at the university of Greenwich.
The Dome, Avery Hill
16th January - 10th September
Avery hill
The Dome is located right at the heart of the Avery Hill Southwood campus.
Village Shop, Avery Hill
16th January - 10th September
Avery Hill
The Village Shop is on the Avery hill Campus, Southwood site, in between the Students’ Union office and Laundry Room.


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Ulrika is our new #ProudToBeGRE profile. She's in her first year of her Economics degree.

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