Quality Students' Unions

What is it? 

Put simply, it’s a quality framework to help Students’ Unions understand and implement good practice.

Quality Students’ Unions (QSU) is run by the National Union of Students (NUS) a confederation of Students’ Unions in the United Kingdom. There are around 600 Students’ Unions affiliated, which is 95% of all higher and further education Unions in the UK.

This is the only Students’ Union specific quality model and it focuses on two parts.

Part A is a framework which helps ensure that Unions are compliant with their statutory obligations.

Part B is a framework to help Unions achieve best practice.

What we're aiming towards

QSU was developed in 2013 and have been delivered in a variety of different ways. Greenwich Students’ Union has decided that now is a good time to participate in the scheme.

The framework covers a number of themes including governance, leadership and management, activities and their outcomes. It also covers services, communication and representation.

Their verification process as which follows Part B, will achieve a Pass or Fail accreditation.

What are the benefits of taking part?

Unions have to collect evidence and write up how they meet the criteria to form a submission for QSU. By doing so, a Union can see how well it is performing and identify areas for improvement.

You could consider it’s as if the Union is doing a self-diagnostic.

Plus, because it’s done through the NUS, it means that the NUS can collect and share good practice around Students’ Unions.