Fitness to Practice

For students on courses leading to professional certification (such as Teaching, Social Work and Nursing) the University has a duty to ensure that students meet the requirements of the relevant professional body attached to the individual Programme such as the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council).

Please see the regulations at

Ensure that you are familiar with your professional body’s standards, and that you are aware of any specific requirements for your course (which should be detailed in relevant University handbooks for your course). If in doubt, check with your Personal Tutor.

If the University has any concerns about your actions, attitudes or background that call into question your suitability to practice professionally, your case can be referred to Fitness to Practice Panels to determine whether you can continue your studies and/or your professional certification.

You can get confidential advice and assistance from your Students’ Union Adviser. We’d strongly encourage you to contact us if you have been asked to attend an Investigative Meeting, a Fitness to Practice Panel, or simply because you’ve  got questions about the procedure.

To find out more about relevant professional standards, see: (Nursing)  (Social Work) (Teaching)