Housing Support 

Choosing accommodation is a big decision and making an informed choice can help enhance your time at Greenwich. Below you'll find advice on choosing accommodation and where to go for support and advice if you need help. 


University Accommodation 

The Univerity of Greenwich have halls where students can stay whilst they study here on or near our campuses at Greenwich, Avery Hill and Medway. They also run bus services between campuses, including a free shuttle bus between Greenwich and Avery Hill.


Greenwich Halls 

There are four locations to choose from a short walk from the Greenwich Campus.

Avery Hill Halls 

Located at the Avery Hill Campus, the Student Village accommodates over 1,200 students studying at the Avery Hill and Greenwich sites.


Medway Halls

Stay in one of 350 rooms in shared self-catering flats on the Medway Campus in Kent. Located within walking distance of Chatham and Gillingham town centres and close to the Dockside Outlet and a multi-screen cinema.


Private Renting 

Private rental accommodation could be a house or apartment or halls not owned by the university.


Finding Accommodation 

Read our guide on finding accommodation.

Protecting your Deposit 

In most cases, a landlord is required to protect your deposit. we explain what that means. 


Leaving Your Tenancy Early

Some students want to leave their tenancy early, whilst there is no automatic right to leave we can provided some advice on how you might achieve this. 


Advice and Support

If you need any advice or support get in touch with GSU Advice and we'll help. Below we have linked to some useful articles from the housing charity Shelter.    

Contract Checking 

This link will take you to a guide on contracts but GSU Advice can check your contract before you sign. Get in touch. 

Common Problems

We can help you address common problems you might encounter.



If you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless get in touch as soon as you can for advice and support.


Get in touch

If you need help from us, you can submit your inquiry through our online form. We will aim to get back to you within three working days.

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