GSU Officers

Full-time Officers are either taking time out of their studies or have finished their degrees to lead your Students' Union, implement new ideas, support student-led activities, and represent your voice with the University. They are held accountable by the Scrutiny Panel.

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Student Priorities

We ask students every year what they want us to work on. We turn this into a list and you vote for the four you would like to see happen.

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Academic Representation

Students help to influence the University by becoming Programme Reps and engaging with School Forums. We enable those students through Academic Representation training and communities.

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Student Assembly

The purpose of Student Assembly is to reflect and represent the views of our members. You can attend, participate and submit agenda items.

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GSU Elections take place each year to find out who will lead the Students' Union.

Any student at Greenwich can vote and take part in the Election.

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A Green GSU

At GSU we are committed to minimising our impact on the planet and maintain sustainable practices in everything we do. 

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Awarding Gap

We believe that the Awarding Gap isn't due to academic ability, but due to structural imbalances.

Discover how we're trying to ensure that every student can benefit from Higher Education through our work around Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI).

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