Excel in your University Experience

We know the transition into university can be daunting at any stage, so we decided to break it down into different aspects to help maximise your university experience. From enjoying the social life to achieving high grades in your coursework. There are many resources we will discuss, that should help you advance and leave you feeling #ProudToBeGRE.


University gives you the opportunity to excel in your professional life and to learn a lot about your chosen subject. These are a few tips to make sure you succeed academically:

  • Read your handbooks and make a timetable.
  • Plan ahead, work out how long you have to do your assignments.
  • Build a rapport with your Lecturers and Tutors.
  • Read around your subject. 
  • Make a group chat with students in your class.
  • Do your coursework before the deadline! Try to get your draft checked.
  • Read the academic skills to perfect your writing: gre.ac.uk/academicskills
  • Sign up to the mentoring programme and have a Mentor: gre.ac.uk/careers/mentoring
  • Mentor a student in your second or third year.

Job opportunities and work experience

We know there is pressure to have lots of experience even before you graduate. At university we have many resources to boost your CV:

  • Need a part-time job? Find out about the vacancies at Greenwich Students’ Union and Job Shop - a great way to get experience and be flexible with your studies. greenwichsu.co.uk/workforus
  • Visit your employability office to find out about the job opportunities, placement/internships and graduate jobs available. You can also get help with your CV, cover letter and application: gre.ac.uk/student-services/ecs
  • Volunteer to get real experience: greenwichsu.co.uk/volunteer
  • Check your emails, about the different talks and sessions held by University and I3 centres.


The social life of university is important to shaping who you are as a person. It is important to get involved to meet people alongside your studies, they will form your network.

  • Get involved with Societies, whether community, Sports clubs or academic, being a committee member teaches you about leadership and teamwork.
  • Enjoy the nightlife while at university, it’s a great way to de-stress and have fun meeting new people. Find out more here: greenwichsu.co.uk/whatson
  • Network with people, you never know who may offer you an opportunity in the future.

Your Students' Union

Greenwich Students' Union (GSU) have many resources and services to make your uni life easier and enjoyable. By getting involved in the campaigns, using the special discounts catered to you and visiting our wellbeing services for any issues, we can help provide a safe hub for you. Here are some examples:

  • Run for GSU Elections and get your voice heard on how you can improve student life.
  • Get an NUS Totum card, a great way to save on your purchases: gresu.uk/totum
  • Visit the Advice Service section of our website to learn how to budget, check in with mental health during University and have someone to talk to when it gets hard: greenwichsu.co.uk/advice


You don't have to complete every bullet point on this list to make the most of your University experience, just make sure you try something from each area!