Increasing your income

Go through this checklist to see if you could be increasing your income:

  • Are you getting all the student finance support you are entitled to?
  • Can you work part time during term-time?
  • Are there more hours to do work during holidays?
  • Can you claim benefits?
  • Could you use sites like topcashback when shopping online?
  • Do you have a skill you could use to make additional income such as graphic design?
  • Can you apply for Hardship funds from the University?


There’s a general limit of 20 hours work during term-time. International Students must not exceed this limit, or their student visa may be cancelled (this restriction doesn’t apply during the summer vacation).

Some courses (e.g. Student Nurses, Teaching, Social Work) have stricter limits on doing part-time work: if in doubt, check.

Once you know how much money you have to live on each month, you can adjust your spending to live within your income. If you need help with this please either contact the Greenwich  Students' Union Advice Team or the University Student Finance team