Student Assembly

Student Assembly is the highest decision-making body at Greenwich Students’ Union (GSU) The purpose is to reflect and represent the views of members.

Assembly sets out a course of action for the organisation and its representatives through the decisions it makes.

Attending and participating in the Student Assembly is open to all students. Any student can also submit an agenda item to be discussed at the meeting. This is just one way students can make a change at Greenwich. Find out more on this webpage.


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Meeting Dates

There is a minimum of four meetings a year. The dates for this year are:

  1. Tuesday 12th October 2021, 3pm-5pm online
  2. Tuesday 7th December 2021, 3pm-5pm online
  3. Tuesday 1st March 2022, 3pm-5pm online
  4. Tuesday 26th April 2022, 3pm-5pm, Dreadnought Building 


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What goes on

The function of the assembly is to have reflective and informed discussion to lead to decision making that will:

  • Improve the student experience
  • Address disadvantages any groups of students are facing 
  • Enforce what students expect and want from their Students’ Union and representation.

Student Assembly is conducted through Round table group deliberation. This means everyone has the opportunity to input their views and opinions through facilitated groups, working towards an agreed set of actions to address a particular issue affecting the student community. Therefore every single attendee is shaping proposals and policy through an engaging and accessible format. 

The action points drafted by the Student Assembly are taken to an online vote from which our student representatives have the opportunity to vote on.

Submit agenda item 

If you would like to submit an agenda item you can through the form below. If you need any help with your submission, please do get in touch with the staff team by e-mailing  Agenda items need to submit at least a week in advance of a meeting to be considered for the upcoming Student Assembly. 

It is at the discretion of the Chair which agenda items are discussed at the Assembly. Items can also be submitted through the Feedback Mechanism and GSU outreach stalls. 

A helpful guide has been made to understand how Policy is passed at Student Assembly here: Guide to Passing Policy

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Current SU Policy 

Policy set at Student Assembly (or at our Members Meeting once a year) lasts until it lapses (ended) by a Student Assembly vote.

Here is a list of the current policy held by GSU:   


Student Policy of GSU