Student Assembly

The Student Assembly is the highest decision-making body at Greenwich Students’ Union (GSU) whose purpose is to reflect and represent the views of members. Assembly sets out a course of action for the organisation and its representatives through the decisions it makes.

Attending and participating in the Student Assembly is open to all students. Any student can also submit an agenda item to be discussed at the meeting. Find out more on this webpage.


Understanding Assembly



What Goes On

The function of the assembly is to have reflective and informed discussion to lead to decision making that will:

• Improve a student/student’s university experience

• Address a disadvantage a group of students are facing

• Enforce what students expect/want from their Students’ Union and representation.

Student Assembly is conducted through Round table group deliberation. This means everyone has the opportunity to input their views and opinions through facilitated groups, working towards an agreed set of actions to address a particular issue affecting the student community. Therefore every single attendee is shaping proposals and policy through an engaging and accessible format. 

The action points drafted by the Student Assembly (all table groups) are taken to an online vote from which our student representatives have the opportunity to vote on. Those eligible to vote include:

  • Faculty Officers (x16 across the four faculties)
  • Exec Committee Members (x10 between the Sports and Society executive members) 
  • Programme reps (x2 for every programme, in each year group) 
  • Society group leaders (x2 committee members from each Society) 
  • Sport club leaders (x2 committee members from each Club)


I'm a representative that needs to register to vote on the Student Assembly?
Registration to vote is open all year round, simply fill in your details at


Understand Assembly with the following guidance:

Document version or PDF visual version



Scrutiny Panel 19/20

Scrutiny of the GSU Officers work is done through our Scrutiny Panel that meets five times a year. 

Our Scrutiny Panel is an essential part of our democratic system in holding our GSU Officers (Full-Time representatives & Student Trustees) accountable to students and ensuring they are working in the interest of our membership


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Submit Agenda Item

If you would like to submit an agenda item you can through the form below. If you need any help with your submission, please do get in touch with Chiron Hooson, the Democracy and Engagement Coordinator by emailing 

It is at the discretion of the chair which agenda items are discussed at the Assembly. Items can also be submitted through the Feedback Mechanism and GSU outreach stalls. 

Agenda items need to submitted at least a week in advance of a meeting to be considered for the upcoming Student Assembly. 


Submit Agenda Item 



Upcoming meeting dates 19/20

There are a minimum of four meetings a year. The dates for this year are:

  1. Thursday 17th October, 5-7.30pm in the Boardroom, Dreadnought Building (Greenwich Campus)

    View the agenda: HERE
    View minutes & actions: HERE 
    View voting results: HERE 
  2. Tuesday 3rd December, 5.30-7.30pm in the Atrium, Dreadnought Building (Greenwich Campus) 
    This will be after the Members Meeting which starts at 4.00pm. 

    View the agenda: HERE
  3. Thursday 8th February, 5-7.00pm in the Deep End, GK Union (Medway)
  4. Thursday 26th March, 5-7.00pm in the Dome, Southwood (Avery Hill) *Provisional date