Support For Students in Hardship

Home Students can apply to the Access to Learning Fund if they are experiencing financial hardship for any reason. You will need supporting evidence, but the form is easy to fill in, and you can get help from the Students’ Union Advice Service and from University Student Finance staff to complete it. We can also check if there’s other financial or practical support available. Please go to
for further information 

European and International Students can get help through the International Student Hardship Fund, but only if they have paid their tuition fees, and the financial hardship is the result of unforeseen circumstances. For International students, your Student Visa depends on your Sponsor’s ability to meet your needs. Remember that the Students’ Union Advice Service is confidential: we don’t share information with the University or others unless you want us to. If you’re not sure whether you can apply, or if you need help to negotiate affordable payments, please speak to us. To apply to the International Student Hardship Fund, you will need to speak to the University Student Finance staff or the University’s International Student Advisers.

And if you’ve applied, but haven’t got funding, please speak to us again. It may be that the University doesn’t know the full story about why you need hardship payments: we can help you explain your needs (and help you take action to help you manage your situation)

If you are a Nursing student, you can also make an application to the NHS Hardship Fund. Nursing students must have already made an application to the the University Access to Learning Fund but they can still apply even if they have been turned down. For further information please go to