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Your experience at Greenwich is important to us. This year, we're introducing check-ins so you can talk to someone about your time so far.

About Check-ins

Keep your phone off silent, we've got a team ready to give you a call, we'll be asking you a series of questions that we'd like to hear your honest answers to. 

Tell us what you think of your experience at Greenwich. We'll be able to highlight some ways you can have a great time at Greenwich. 

Find out more in our video.

Receiving a call

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If you think you would benefit from being one of the first students to get a call, please fill out our form.

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Accessible call

We are offering calls through Microsoft Teams with captioned videos. Sign up for one here.

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If you don't want to receive a call from us, please let us know through the form to opt-out.



Useful links

Financial Support

Greenwich Hardship Fund

Scholarships and Bursaries


Money support


Discover StressBusters which is part of the Academic Communities project here at Greenwich. Discover useful tips and videos on our StressBusters page.




International Support

The International Student Advice Service provides free and confidential immigration advice to applicants, student and graduates.


International Advice

Privacy notice

When the Outreach Ambassadors give you a call, you can be reassured that we are being responsible with the data that we collect and we believe you should know how we are using this data. The data we have is shared with us from the University as part of our membership duty to you. You can read more about the data and what questions we will be asking on the following webpage. 

Privacy Notice