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Your experience at Greenwich is important to us. This year, we're introducing check-ins so you can talk to someone about your time at Greenwich. 

About Check-ins

Our check-in calls are designed to support you, we’ll ask about your experience at Greenwich and tell you about the support we have to offer. If you tell us you need help on the call, with your permission, we’ll make sure to link you to the right service.  


As we are handling data, we are following GDPR guidelines and you can opt-out of us collecting data at the start of the call. After the call, you can contact us to delete, edit or recall your data. You can opt out of check-ins entirely here.

Request a check-in 

If you'd like GSU to give you a call to check-in with you please send us an email and we'll reach out -

Other resources

Our check-ins are part of a range of support we offer you at the Greenwich Students' Union, including:

Privacy notice

When our Team give you a call, you can be reassured that we are being responsible with the data that we collect and we believe you should know how we are using this data. The data we have is shared with us from the University as part of our membership duty to you. You can read more about the data and what questions we will be asking on the following webpage. 

Privacy Notice