Students of Faith

Multi-Faith Report and Support 


You can speak to an Advisor from the Report and Support team who can put you on touch with external services from a particular community. Get in touch with an Advisor here.  


Internal Support  


The University offers internal support through the Chaplaincy, providing guidance to all students and staff no matter of the individual belief.  

Each campus has at least one Chaplain, based in the Chaplaincy Office. Support offered ranges from helping students settle in to offering pastoral care.  


You can contact them between Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. 

Greenwich and Avery Hill: 



Multi-Faith Prayer Rooms 


There are also multi-faith prayer rooms on each campus, for staff and students of all faiths: 


Greenwich: Dreadnought Building 

Avery Hill: Room 005, Bronte Building 

Medway: Room 039, Pilkington Building 


Read more on these spaces here. 


Faith and Spirituality Societies  


You can find out more of the Socieies offered by GSU here, which include: 




Christian Union 

Discover Life Christian Society 

First Love 

International Gospel Society 

Islamic Society  




Islamic Society Medway 

Believers Love World 

Kharis on Campus Medway 

PENSA Church of Pentecost 

Protons Church Society Medway 

Redeemd Christian Fellowship  

Rocksolid Christian Fellowship 




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Student Communities

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