Societies are run by students for students.

Here at GSU, we pride ourselves on giving students as much chance as possible to get involved by supporting a wide range of groups to exist, such as academic communities, faith spaces and hobbies.

Being part of a Society can teach you a lot of skills like teamwork and organisation. Many of our Societies hold events, so if you are interested in event management then a Society could be a great first step. 

To join a Society, simply find one you like, get in touch and then sign up or pay for your membership of the group. All groups should have their contact details on their webpage and most of them are on social media.


Can't find what you want? Start a new society!

We have many Clubs and Societies on offer – but sometimes they don’t always fit into what you want.

Any University of Greenwich student can set up a Society with the Students' Union. Find out what is required to set up a new Society by heading over to our start a new Society webpage, simply tap the button below.

Start a new Society

Memberships run from 1st September - 31st August each year.

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