Scrutiny Panel

Ensuring the Officers do what they promised and are acting in the interests of Greenwich Students is the role of the Scrutiny Panel. They check up on the progress of Officer Campaigns, and question if work is not done. You can have a look yourself at the reports from the officers and submit questions to the chair of the panel.  

Scrutiny Panellists for 2021/22

The scrutiny panelists are randomly selected from student representatives across Academic Representation, Student Groups and Liberation Networks.

The Scrutiny Panel is chaired by a Student Trustee and they oversee the meeting and facilitate the accountability session for the Officers, including giving feedback and actions for the next panel meeting. 

The current panel is listed below, and if you have any questions you would like them to ask the Officers, then please feel free to e-mail them, or submit a question through our form.


Student Trustee and Chair


Group Leader


Student Representative


Liberation Network Chair




Meeting dates for 2021/22

Scrutiny Panel 1 11/8/21
Scrutiny Panel 2 28/09/21
Scrutiny Panel 3 25/11/21
Scrutiny Panel 4 16/02/22 
Scrutiny Panel 5 14/04/22
Scrutiny Panel 6 14/06/22 


As per the bye-laws, there are six scheduled Scrutiny Panel meetings this academic year to ensure that accountability of the Officers’ work takes place across the whole year. In advance of the meeting, each Officer submits an accountability report that the panellists then prepare questions and actions for in advance. 


Scrutiny Panel meetings and minutes

The 2021/22 Officer Reports can be viewed here in this live Document. 

Live Scrutiny Report

This report will be updated with the latest reports one week before each scrutiny panel.


You can watch the reports from Scrutiny Panel two onwards on our YouTube channel.