Progression & Award Board (PAB)

What is it?

A meeting that takes place amongst academic teaching staff to discuss all student academic profiles following a period of assessment or re-assessment.

What is discussed

All assessment marks for students are ratified and progression to the next stage of assessment is made. Students are either passed on to the next stage of assessment or asked to repeat failed modules or exited from their course.

Why is it important

Students wishing to challenge any decisions through the appeal procedure must wait for the PAB to sit and release a PAB letter on their student portal before they can submit their appeal.

Can I get advice if I am unhappy about any decision made at a PAB?

Your results letter advises the student that they have 14 calendar days, excluding university closures to submit an appeal. If you believe you need support with your results, we strongly advise that you contact our free, independent and professional GSU Advice team.