Autumn Elections 2018

Each year, the Students’ Union hosts two campus-wide Elections. One in Autumn, and one in Spring. 

For our Autumn Elections this year you will have the chance to elect your:

  • Education and Health Faculty Officers x 2
  • Avery Hill Campus Officer
  • Postgraduate and Part-time Officer
  • National Union of Students (NUS) Delegates x 6
  • Chair of Student Council

Every single student at the University (some 20,000 are eligible to vote!) has the right and responsibility to participate – whether that’s as a candidate or by making your voice heard!


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You don’t need any prior experience to run in the Elections or to vote and your voice has a huge impact. The Students’ Union wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for your ideas, passion, and opinions.


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Do you have a friend who you think would make a great candidate? Why not tell us!


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