Our staff

This is our team, who work tirelessly to ensure you have fun, and have a say in how things are run, here at Greenwich. If you are interested in joining us check out the current opportunities here.

We are contactable via email at greenwichsu@gre.ac.uk or phone at:
Yellow coloured map marker drop Avery Hill Reception: 020 8331 9596
Pink coloured map marker drop Greenwich Reception: 020 8331 7629
Green coloured map marker drop Medway Reception: 01634 888 9890  

Some of our team work at a particular campus; look out for the map markers next to their names. If there's not a marker, then that staff member works across all three campuses.

Key of campus markers - Avery Hill is yellow, Greenwich is pink, Medway is green


Governance, Finance and Compliance




Kate Dawson

Chief Executive
Starting September 2022




Tony Logan

Intermin Chief Executive



Uzma Arif-Fryer

Deputy Chief Executive
On maternity leave from
17th January 2022



Melissa Miles

Organisation Development Manager






Kadiatu Songu

Head of Finance and Compliance



Jolly Sijuwade

Senior Finance Officer



Safwan Bazara

Finance Officer



Umaru Sesay

Finance Officer




Campus Engagement and Opportunities


Mark Heffernan


Mark Heffernan

Head of Campus Engagement and Opportunities




Yellow coloured map marker drop Dan Lee

Campus Engagement Manager (Avery Hill)




Yellow coloured map marker drop Vacant

Sports and Engagement Senior Coordinator



 Yellow coloured map marker drop AJ Abdullahi

Administration Assistant



Pink coloured map marker drop Paul Barnes

Engagement and Opportunities Manager (Greenwich)



Pink coloured map marker drop Vacant

Engagement and Opportunities Coordinator (Societies & Events)





Pink coloured map marker drop Darcey Dunne

Engagement and Opportunities Coordinator (Give it a Go & Global Greenwich)



Green coloured map marker drop Vacant

Campus Engagement and Partnership Manager (Medway)



Green coloured map marker drop Vacant

Campus Engagement and Opportunities Coordinator (Societies) – Medway



Green coloured map marker drop Emma Harris

Engagement and Opportunities Coordinator (Medway)




Green coloured map marker drop Jo Hollamby

Reception Supervisor (Medway)




Student Voice and Representation



Sophie Harrison

Head of Student Voice and Representation




Olivia Reed

Academic Communities & Representation Manager




Democracy and Insight Manager



Ben Margolis

Senior Democracy and Insight Coordinator




Green coloured map marker drop Ayan Samatar

Academic Communities & Representation Coordinator (Faculty of Engineering & Science)




Pink coloured map marker drop Emma Caney

Academic Communities and Representation Coordinator (Business School)





Yellow coloured map marker drop Vacant

Academic Communities and Representation Coordinator (Faculty of Education, Health & Human Sciences)


Pink coloured map marker drop Gemma Hedge

Academic Communities and Representation Coordinator (Faculty of Liberal Arts)




Advice and Wellbeing



Colum Mackey

Head of Advocacy and Policy




Jason King

Senior Adviser
On sabbatical until August 2022


Steph Scott


Steph Scott



Paul West


Green coloured map marker drop Paul West

Medway Advice Centre Manager




Commercial Services and Enterprise




Head of Commercial Services and Enterprise 



Trish Tomczynska

Deputy Head of Commercial Services


Yellow coloured map marker drop Adam Afzal

Food and Beverage Manager (Avery Hill)



Pink coloured map marker drop Jay Olapade

Food and Beverage Manager (Greenwich)



Pink coloured map marker drop Phyllis Bower

Food and Beverage Duty Manager (Greenwich)



Green coloured map marker drop Vacant

Food and Beverage Manager (Medway)



 Green coloured map marker drop Sarah Welsh

Assistant Food and Beverage Manager (Medway)




Zara Yaqub

Sales and Events Manager




Marketing and Communications



Shakira Hylton-Lecouf

Head of Marketing and Communications



Elena Demireva

Senior Designer




Green coloured map marker drop Hannah Dennis

Graphic Designer (Medway)




James Dix

Marketing and Communications Manager