Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

This is our student hub for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion work at Greenwich Students' Union. This includes Student Communities that we run for particular student groups.

The three core aims of this work are to:

Create safe spaces for all our members


Run campaigns to raise awareness



Educate the community to reduce oppression

GSU is committed to reducing the barriers our members face both inside and outside their university experience. Developing you to talk about systemic discrimination and oppression and recognise privilege and internal bias.


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What is Liberation?

Liberation at Greenwich Students' Union is a dedicated space to support students from under-represented groups and groups that experience barriers to engagement whilst they are at University. This is to ensure that the right support is in place to enable all students to thrive at University, alongside offering a network of support when these groups of students need it most

GSU has six elected student Liberation Chairs, who oversee our 6 liberation groups, representing Women, LGBTQ+ students, Disabled students, Students of Colour, Mature students and Commuter Students. The liberation groups represent your opportunity to have your voice heard if you identify with any of these identities. You can meet throughout the year to discuss campaigning on issues affecting these students, promote the work of student-led societies with specific liberation objectives, and seek to educate students on how different issues affect students with different identities.





Liberation Chairs

Liberation Chairs are student staff members responsible for carrying out activities, organising events and getting students involved with campaigns.

Meet your current Liberation Chairs below: 

LGBTQ+ Chair:

Kona Park

Students of Colour Chair:

Chelsea-Jean Owu

Women’s Chair: 

Riya Kandhari

Commuter Students Chair:

Phoenix-Angel Heart

Mature Students Chair:

Divit Gupta

Disabled Chair:

Devan Chauhan



Liberation Resources

Here are some more ways you can get support and connect with your community at Greenwich.



Key Campaigns

We deliver a range of campaigns throughout the year and one-off events you can get involved in. Below are webpages for current and previous campaigns.

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Black History Month 

Disability History Month

LGBTQ+ History Month

Women's History Month

This Girl Can


See all GSU Events


Liberation at the University

The University of Greenwich have a number of Staff Networks and initiatives for students to help the University become more inclusive. They’ll also run events that you can take part in.

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BAME Staff Network  

LGBT+ Staff Network  

STAART Initiative, disability and diversity-focused

Women’s Staff Network 


UoG Staff LEDI


Advice & Support

We recognise that many students from a Liberation background will be more likely to come into times of difficulty. We're here to support you through this with our Advice Service.


Advice Handbook


Facilities for student parents

We have dedicated baby changing and breastfeeding facilities for parents across all three University of Greenwich campuses.


Facilities for student parents