Student Behaviour

All students are expected to conduct themselves with due regard for its good name and reputation of the university.  You are also required to comply with the all current University Rules, Regulations, Policies, Procedures and Codes of Practice at all times including those related to University Accommodation.   

In particular, check the University’s Disciplinary Procedure.

Any breach of the rules and regulations may lead to a formal disciplinary hearing. Penalties range from warnings to fines, and ultimately to the termination of your studies, and the possible loss of any academic credit gained whilst studying at the University of Greenwich.

If you’ve witness inappropriate or objectionable behaviour from other students, speak to your Personal Tutor or to the Greenwich Students' Union Advice team. If you’ve witnessed inappropriate behaviour at Students’ Union premises, whether by staff or students, you can complain to the Students’ Union Chief Executive at

We’re also here for students who are facing disciplinary action.  In either event, our advice is free, independent and confidential.  If we’re unable to assist for any reason, or there’s a conflict of interest between students, we’ll help you find someone more appropriate to advise you.

Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination

Students are protected from unlawful discrimination under the University’s Bullying & Harassment procedure available online through Breach of this policy may lead to disciplinary proceedings against students.

If you believe that you are being discriminated against in any way, or that you are being harassed, don’t suffer in silence.  Speak to your Personal Tutor or a Students’ Union Adviser.  If it’s easier for you,  you can also contact one of the University Listening Ears for confidential support.