Sex Workers

Sex work is work, and students working in the sex industry to support their studies isn’t new. However, there is undoubtedly stigma associated, and recognise that students may not be open to sharing this with others. It is important to also note that the majority of student sex workers are from marginalised backgrounds. 


In 2016, NUS carried out the Student Sex Work Survey which found that: 

71% of participants identified as women 

17% of participants are non-binary 

70% of participants identified as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Queer 

Over 50% identified as having a disability. 

14% participants were international students. 


A 2023 survey of Greenwich students found that 27 of 74 respondents had engaged with sex work. You can read a breakdown from The English Collective of Prostitutes (a collaborator on the survey) here.  


We want to ensure our student sex workers feel supported by the university. It is not disciplinary action and staff at the university should not discriminate, harass or shame students.  


Students’ Union Advice Service 


Our Advice Service provides a respectful and confidential environment to student sex workers who would like to speak to us.  

We can provide support if you’re experiencing difficulties that are impacting on your wellbeing or academic advice.  

This could be circumstances such as ill health, a deterioration in your mental health or being the victim of crime.   

We can also direct to external support resources who have expertise outside of the University. Please get in touch if you would like to speak to one of our advisors.  


Support Resources 


SWARM – A sex worker led collective based in the UK which campaigns for the rights and safety of all sex workers. 

Support for Student Sex Workers– A community of former and current sex workers which offers support to individuals involved in all aspects of the sex industry. 

Open Doors – A free and confidential advice service in East London for people working in the sex industry. 

Sex Work Research Hub Student Sex Work Toolkit - A toolkit for students who are involved in the sex industry with information regarding their work and the availability of help and support if needed. 



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