Start a new group

Being a Student Group Leader for a society or club is great fun. You gain friends, skills and experience which can help improve your time as a student and it is also valuable for life after university.

Start a new group by filling out the online start up form here. It’s that easy!


Start a new group form




What happens next


The form will be reviewed by either the Societies Development Coordinator or the Sports Development Coordinator. If they need more information they will get in touch with you.

All new clubs and societies must be ratified either through Team Greenwich Executive Committee or Societies Executive Committee. These committees meet regularly and will discuss your form and make the decision on whether to approve the student group.

If your form was successful, you will then be invited to attend training on how to run a student group which will cover the basics of finance, marketing, getting and keeping members and other useful information.

In the meantime please have a look at the group leader’s handbook which contains all the information you need to be a successful group leader.

If you have any other questions please contact for more information.