Academic Representation

Every student at the University of Greenwich has come here to study, so everyone is invested in the quality of their studying experience.


Our Academic Reps, including Programme Reps and Faculty Officers are here to ensure that your academic interests are represented to the University and Students’ Union.

You too can influence the University, by talking to your Programme Rep, engaging with School Forums or writing to your Module Tutor or Head of school about issues on your course. 

For help and support, get in touch with us at



Programme Reps


Programme Reps are the voice of students studying on their programme (course), there are two Reps elected per programme per year of study to represent the programme’s students each year. These elections take place during introductory lectures in the first few weeks of the Academic year. If you’re interested in becoming a Programme Rep for this year then why not have a look at the Programme Rep Handbook, or get in touch with the Academic Representation Team.

If you've already been elected as a Programme Rep and want to ensure you are part of our Programme Rep database and receive correspondence related to your role as a Programme Rep then please ensure you fill out this form.


Training Course


This year, we have adapted our Programme Rep and will now have an online training course! This training course will have five modules with only one of those being compulsory. The modules are as follows:









Basics of being a Rep and an introduction to Greenwich Students'Union.


Meeting conduct: making the most out of meetings.


Collecting student feedback: using Mentimeter.









Check back on 5th October to find the link for the new rep training! Programme Reps will receive monthly newsletter which will provide updates, opportunities, upcoming events and wellbeing reminders and information. 


Reward and Recognition Scheme


This year, we are introducing a reward and recognition scheme which aims to recognise all the efforts Reps put into representing their peer’s academic interests and reward them for their time and efforts.



Complete mandatory online training module.


Programme Rep certificate.




Complete training including at least 2 optional modules;

Attend a Programme/Department level meeting; 

Log feedback and actions via the meeting log.


£5 GSU commercial outlet voucher;

LinkedIn recommendation;

Recognition at the Student Led Teaching Awards.




Run in spring elections

Attend annual members meeting

Attend a Student Assembly meeting

Attend an Academic Communities event


£20 GSU commercial outlet voucher

Personalised Rep tote bag



Faculty Officers


Faculty Officers are the voice of students studying in their Faculty. There are four Faculties; Liberal Arts and Sciences (FLAS), Education, Health and Human Sciences (FEHHS), Business (FBUS), and Engineering and Science (FES).  There are four Faculty Officers elected per Faculty each year, in the spring Leadership Elections. If you’re interested in becoming a Faculty Officer for this year then why not have a look at the Faculty Officer Handbook, or get in touch with the Academic Representation Team.

Faculty officers will have a Teams Induction with members of the Representation team and Full-time Officers. This induction will outline what the role of a Faculty Officer entails, expectations and support available.

Faculty Officers are expected to attend faculty level meetings and GSU will ensure Officers are sent invites to meetings via Outlook. GSU will also provide a meeting log for Officers to use to keep track of any actions, notes, and feedback.

Faculty Officers will receive fortnightly email updates and will have a dedicated Teams group chat as our main mode of communication.

There will also be a reward and recognitions scheme for Faculty Officers which aims to recognise all the effort you put into representing your peer’s academic interests and reward you for your time and efforts.