Free, fun, and non-competitive sports opportunities. 

GSUmove offers free, fun and non-competitive sport that requires no commitment other than purchasing a free ticket for each activity. 

Whether you want to get fit, relieve stress or meet new people this is a great informal way of playing more recreational sport and being involved in more physical activity on campus. We've also got virtual activity so you can get involved wherever you are.

All activity is open to University of Greenwich students and staff, so get an account created on Playwaze and book your spot.




What's on? 

HIIT Class

High-Intensity Interval Training is a form of training that focuses on building LEAN muscle and to BURN maximum calories! With the mixture of resistance work and cardio, H. I. I. T will ensure that you feel the benefits of the session not just during but for up to 48hrs after.





Yoga is back to being physcial and on campus. Yoga is a practice for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual; such a necessity in challenging times. It is a place of calm, grounding, and normalcy in turbulence. Providing a chance to play, move and connect. 


Virtual Zumba  

Zumba combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations that allow the Zumba participants to dance away their worries. It is based on the principle that a workout should be 'fun and easy to do'. Zumba is not only great for the body, but it is also great for the mind. It is a 'feel happy' workout. 



Table Tennis




Tennis does not always have to be about competitive match play and can provide many other ways to relax, make new friends and have a laugh! Coaching, Social tennis and Recreational Matchplay are all good ways of making new friends whilst also improving your game. 


Challenges and Rewards

Sign up, collect points and earn rewards.

You will be able to link any existing Apps you might use to monitor your activity such as free to use tools like Strava or you can manually submit evidence for your activity. The way each challenge is set up will determine if you need to add photo evidence or if you will be tracking your activity. See your reward points build up to unlock the chance to win some prizes.

Step one: Head to our Playwaze here.

Step two: Change the drop down menu from Live Streamed Activities to Challenges.

Step three: Scroll down and select a challenge.

Rewards on Offer

Coffee from Change Coffee or Village Shop (350 Points)
£5 Amazon Voucher (1,500 Points)
University of Greenwich Beanie (3,000 Points)
GSU Hoodie (5,000 Points)
Wellness/Superfood Hamper (7,000 Points)
Fitbit Fitness Tracker (15,000 Points)



Social Leagues – Intramural Sport

Get your friends together to play the beautiful game. Make your own team for our Football Social League without going through the hassle of try outs.

Join our 7-a-side Football Social Leagues at the 3G Pitch at Avery Hill.

You can sign up on Playwaze through the GSUmove community here

All University of Greenwich students can form teams and play against one another competitively in a 7-a-side free to play Social League. Individuals can also sign up and we’ll assign you to a team.  

Each team can have a maximum of 10 players to allow for rotating substitutions. The event will run for 10 weeks. The first seven weeks will be a progressive point-based league. The last three weeks will be a knockout system, where the top teams will play against each other for the 2022 Social Leagues trophy. 

The teams are on a first come first serve basis. Do not lose your spot, gather your team and sign up.  

We are closing sign-ups on Wednesday 12th January 2022. The first game will be on Friday 28th January 2022 at 3G Pitch 6pm start time. 

Progressive Point League

Successful teams will be put into a league and each team will play everyone within their league in the first seven weeks. We have devised a point system which will help us keep track of every team and how they’re doing on in the league. 


After we have finished the progressive point league, we will be doing knockouts to end the Social Leagues. For one league of 8 teams, top 6 teams will qualify for the knockouts with the first and second teams immediately qualifying to the next round. For two leagues of 6 teams each, top 4 teams from each league will qualify for the knockouts and league 1 will play league 2 in an inverse order. 

Fixture Times 

We have booked 3G Pitch for the league from 6-9pm. Match time will depend on how many teams are playing that evening. We have two pitches and we have prepared for up to 6 teams to play on one evening (3 teams on each pitch).  


The winner of the first 7 weeks’ progressive point system will receive a 2022 Social Leagues Trophy and £150 Amazon Voucher to be split amongst the team by the team captain. 

The winner of the knockouts will receive an Intramural Knockout 2022 Trophy and SU Hoodies with each member’s name on the back. 


If you’re interested you can sign up by yourself or with your team, please click the link below and complete the sign-up form.  



Here’s an example of what 2 teams on 1 pitch will be like. 

2 Teams on 1 Pitch: 1v2, 3v4 
1st game: 1v2 from 6pm  
30 mins warm up. Kick off at 6:30pm  
2x 20 mins, 10 mins half time break   
Conclude 7:20pm, 10 mins to pack up  
2nd game: 3v4 from 7:30pm  
30 mins warm up. Kick off at 8:00pm  
2x 20 mins, 10 mins half time break  
Conclude 8:50pm, 10 mins to pack up 

An example of what 3 teams on 1 pitch will be like. 

3Teams on 1 Pitch: 1v2, 3v4 and 5v6 
1st game: 1v2 from 6pm  
20 mins warm up. Kick off at 6:20pm  
2x 15 mins, 5 mins half time break  
Conclude 6:55pm, 5 mins to pack  
2nd game: 3v4 from 7pm  
20 mins warm up. Kick off at 7:20pm  
2x 15 mins, 5 mins half time break  
Conclude 7:55pm, 5 mins to pack  
3rd game: 5v6 from 8pm  
20 mins warm up. Kick off at 8:20pm  
2x 15 mins, 5 mins half time break  
Conclude 8:55pm, 5 mins to pack 


Point System 

Point for playing = 0  
Points for a win = 3  
Points for a draw = 1  
Points for a loss = 0  
Points for a walkover = 1  
Points for a walkover loss = -1  

Point for each consecutive match won = 1, to be calculated at the end of the 7 weeks (not including wins due to walkovers and draws). 


Book your place