Your Full-time Officers

These are your four Full-time Officers, elected in March and working summer to summer. They are either taking time out of our studies or have finished their degrees to lead your Students’ Union, implement new ideas, support student-led activities, and represent your voice with the University at every level.





Our values. 

Trust. Integrity. Considerate. Inspirational. Openess. Unity.


Your Part-time Officers

Each of the Part-time Officers is responsible for a specific portfolio, and take on their role alongside their studies. All Part-time Officers are members of the Union’s Executive Committee and the Union Council. They work closely with Full-time Officers, play a leading role in running the campaigns and assume an active role in promoting the Union and its values.

Like Full-time Officers, they are elected through cross campus elections with specific mandate to improve and enhance the student experience for the segment of the student body for which they are responsible.




Sanja Dudek

Volunteering & Community Officer


Yasmin Bennaim Kuska

BAME Students Officer


Bilal Ijaz

International Students Officer


Alessia Serafini

Mature Students Officer



Anthony Jack Williams

LGBT+ Students Officer


Melani Georgieva

Avery Hill Campus Officer


Yasmine McNamara

Greenwich Campus Officer


Atchana Ganesalingam

Medway Campus Officer



Ashwathi Anand

Postgraduate & Part-time Students Officer


Hannah Adams

Women Students Officer


Abigail Davis

Disabled Students Officer 








Your Faculty Officers

Faculty Officers are elected through a campus-wide Election. There are 16 Faculty Officers, four per Faculty. They all have a responsibility to listen and work with Programme Reps and the Students' Union to be the voice of students at Faculty Level meetings. They are also members of Student Council.


Faculty Officers for Architecture, Computing and Humanities (ACH)


Ena Softic


Freya Cray


Zoe Campbell


Bethany Howell


Faculty Officers for Business (BUS)


Bianca-Andreea Stoica


William Clarke


Antonela Chirilov


Himavanth Hasaganaur Jayanth


Faculty Officers for Education and Health (FEH)


Angel Rose


Mathilda Johnson


Benjamin Haigh


Sharath Ram Shivkumar Kumataavalli


Faculty Officers for Engineering and Science (FES)


Bernadette Cozma


Giorgio Cappato


Rhoda Ekundayo


Mehrnoush Salmani