Your Full-time Officers

These are your four Full-time Officers, elected in March and working summer to summer. They are either taking time out of our studies or have finished their degrees to lead your Students’ Union, implement new ideas, support student-led activities, and represent your voice with the University at every level.


Click here to see what the Officers will be working on in 2020/21.

Faculty Officers


Faculty Officers are elected through a campus-wide Election. There are 16 Faculty Officers, four per Faculty. They all have a responsibility to listen and work with Programme Reps and the Students' Union to be the voice of students at Faculty Level meetings.


Faculty Officers for Liberal Arts and Sciences (FLAS)



Zachary Sauer



Cade Morris



Maria Niglio



Sharifa Yakubu


Faculty Officers for Business (BUS)



Geethika Polisetty



Monique Lavictoire



Anuj Avhad



Nikitha Niranjana


Faculty Officers for Education and Health and Human Sciences 



Holly Hood



Tarryn Pretorius



Ine Gismarvik



Jack McAlpine


Faculty Officers for Engineering and Science (FES)



Luke Arscott



Frankline Shyam



Ayan Samatar



Position Vacant


Officers updates

Students Returning to Campus

Thu 15 Apr 2021

Text overlap GSU Officers Statement, Students returning to campus over image of Avery Hill Campus Th

A statement from your GSU Officers on the recent news for the return to campus and face-to-face teaching.

Officer Updates - Term Two Achievements

Tue 30 Mar 2021

GSU Officers

Your GSU Officers have been busy, here's what's been achieved across the second Term.

Personal safety – Greenwich Students’ Union

Fri 12 Mar 2021

Personal Safety - Person on phone

There have been multiple events in the news recently that the GSU Officer team wish to respond to. This statement touches on the subject of race and violence against women.



Officer campaigns

Discover some of the key campaigns run by your GSU officers.


Show that #GreenwichCares by following the current COVID-19 guidance on campus. Much of this is outlined by the government, so bring a face mask, use the hand sanitiser provided and give each other space. 

Share your photos with your face mask #GreenwichCares.


This is where I study

Zoë's campaign This is where I study highlights that whilst we are studying from home, not all of us have a perfectly instagrammable bedroom. Let's not be afraid to show 'This is where I study'. Take a picture of where you study and share it with Zoë on Instagram with the caption 'This is where I study'.

Decolonising the curriculum

"For us decolonisation means acknowledging structural issues that act as barriers to some students achieving their version of success, accessing opportunities, and being able to fully engage with University. We feel it is necessary to work to remove these barriers at Greenwich to ensure every student feels they can achieve what they set out to, and to ensure that once we graduate we can consider how to be more inclusive in our work." - GSU Officers