Your Full-time Officers

These are your four Full-time Officers, elected in March and working summer to summer. They are either taking time out of our studies or have finished their degrees to lead your Students’ Union, implement new ideas, support student-led activities, and represent your voice with the University at every level.





Our values. 

Trust. Integrity. Considerate. Inspirational. Openess. Unity.




Your Faculty Officers

Faculty Officers are elected through a campus-wide Election. There are 16 Faculty Officers, four per Faculty. They all have a responsibility to listen and work with Programme Reps and the Students' Union to be the voice of students at Faculty Level meetings. They are also members of the Student Assembly.


Faculty Officers for Arts and Sciences (FLAS)


Yuliya Tasheva


Darnell White-Russell


Caitie Gardner


Zoe Campbell


Faculty Officers for Business (BUS)


Amy Rowe


Emeema Jacob


Bianca Stoica


Ria Jamaluddin


Faculty Officers for Education and Health (FEH)


Holly Hood


Ine Gismarvik



Sumaiya Jannat



Ricky Nestfield



Faculty Officers for Engineering and Science (FES)


Moulan Zahir


Loni Hornung


Duncan Wanza


Luke Arscott