Withdrawal from University

If you have been withdrawn from the Univeristy you will recieve a 'Confirmation of Withdrawal' letter, usually over email. This letter will explain why you have been withdrawn, for example because you have not been attending classes. 

If you recieve a Confirmation of Withdrawal letter you can appeal the decision. You must submit your appeal within 14 calendar days of the email notification of withdrawal.

You should appeal the withdrawal decision by completing the appeals form which you can find here


Grounds for appeal

There are two grounds for appeal.

i. Extenuating circumstances relating to ill health or personal difficulties which the student was unable to raise prior to or during the escalation procedure. You need to present evidence of this.

ii. The information held by the Faculty relating to your attendance and/or engagement is incomplete or inaccurate, and that you were not in a position to correct this information at an earlier stage. You need to present evidence of this.


Evidence requirement 

You also need to show a why this information could not be made available to the University before the decision to withdraw was reached and provide documentary evidence in support. Please note that if the information could have been made available prior to the decision to withdraw being made, such evidence cannot normally be accepted as grounds for appeal.


Get in touch 

The GSU Advice Service can guide you on the process and content of your appeal. You can contact a professional adviser by visiting our advice page and completing the contact form - greenwichsu.co.uk/advice