Extenuating Circumstances

Extenuating circumstances (ECs) are problems that may occur, that are either unforeseen or out of your control. These are defined, within the University’s Extenuating Circumstances Policy & Procedure as circumstances that:

- Impair your performance

- Prevent you from attending an assessment or reassessment (exam) or

- Prevent you from submitting assessed or reassessed work by a scheduled date (resubmission)

Examples of circumstances that are considered as valid:

Serious illness, mental health difficulties, bereavement, acute personal or emotional circumstances and domestic disruption to name a few examples.

Examples of circumstances that are NOT considered as valid:

Employment, misreading examination/timetabling information or exam stress.


Please note there are two different claims that you can make. Ensure you know which one applies to you, before submitting an EC claim:

  • 14 extra days.
  • 14 extra days with Impaired performance and/ or non-submission.

All claims must be supported by independent evidence, e.g. a letter from your General Practice (GP) or another medical professional. The University does not accept claims made without independent evidence unless the circumstances are exceptional.

Further information and advice regarding EC claims can be found in the Extenuating Circumstances Policy & Procedure: docs.gre.ac.uk/rep/sas/extenuatingcircumstances-policy-and-procedure

Get in touch with the GSU Advice Team through our online form. greenwichsu.co.uk/advice/triageform 

COVID-19 Update The University has temporarily relaxed the extenuating circumstances regulations.


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