Setting the priorities of your SU and Officers for 2019/20

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What is it?

Passed in The Big Choice Referendum (October 2018) was the proposal for students to have direct influence over the priorities of the Officers and the Union.

Up until January, your SU will be talking to you, gathering your views, needs and priorities; to ensure that our work is reflecting what you want.

Consultation period: 3rd-14th December 2018

Priority voting: 9th-17th January 2019 

Priorites communicated: 28th January 2019


Why get involved? 

This is an exciting opportunity to have direct influence and say on what your Students' Union and representatives should be working on, ensuring the SU's priorities are aligned towards your needs. Getting involved in both the consultation period and voting on your top priorities is crucual to ensuring your voice is listened too. 

What does this hope to achieve? 

  • Currently, only a small proportion of Greenwich students are actively engaged with Officer accountability and SU development.

  • The role of the SU is to represent students’ needs with Full-time Officers in place to facilitate this at a senior, practical level within the University and SU.

  • We believe you should have the power to determine what the priorities of your elected Full-time Officers are, as then you will hold them to account on these throughout the year.

  • To ensure we are representative of all Greenwich students, it is important that the SU goes beyond facilitating members who are currently engaged, so that activity is not limited to only the needs of these students.


Vote on the GSU and Officer Priorities for 2019/20

We consulted with 250 of you in December 2018 and narrowed down these priorities for you to vote on.

We realize that you are very busy during this time-period with deadlines, dissertations and revision for January exams.
Therefore, you can vote online from 9am, 9th January to 2pm, 17th January  on your priorities by filling in our quick and easy Online Priorities Voting Ballot  to ensure your needs, views and priorities are imputed.

Priorities Voting Ballot 


Priorities voting on your campus

We will be out and about across the campus to help you select your priorities with our quick and easy paper ballots. You can find us at:

Greenwich Voting: 9th January 11am-2pm (The Atrium, Dreadnought)
Greenwich Voting: 10th January 12.30pm-2.30pm (The Atrium, Dreadnought)
Avery Hill Voting: 11th January 11am-2pm (The Dome, Southwood Site, Avery)
Avery Hill Voting: 14th January 11am-2pm (The Dome, Southwood Site, Avery)
Avery Halls Voting: 14th + 15th January (Halls of residence, Southwood Site, Avery)
Medway Voting: 15th January 11am-2pm (GK Union, Medway)