What are they?

Passed in The Big Choice Referendum (October 2018) was the proposal for students to have direct influence over the priorities of the Officers and the Union.

Student Priorities are a set of issues that students have highlighted (through consultation) and selected (by a priority ballot) for the Officers and Union to work on for the academic year.

These priorities ensure that our members have direct influence over the Students’ Union and that our work
reflects their needs.

How does this happen?

Each year we consult our members about their university experience, perception of the SU, challenges they face and what can be done by building solutions to the issues identified.

We consolidate all our findings into a priority ballot for you to decide the top priorities which the SU/Officers should work on for the next academic year.

In our GSU Elections, candidates interpret these priorities and build a case as to why they are best fit to be elected to address them. Those officers elected by you are then mandated to work on the priorities and will be held accountable throughout the year in how they have addressed them.


Setting our 2020/21 Student Priorities

We consulted with 400 of you in November 2019 across every campus and now have narrowed down these priorities from our research for you to vote on.

We are asking you to select your top priorities by ranking those we have shortlised from the research from 1 (Highest) to 5 (Lowest) in various categories. You get to vote on your: 
1) Academic Priorities 
2) Support Priorities 
3) Opportunity Priorities 
4) Campus Priorities (A: Greenwich, B: Avery Hill or C: Medway)


Vote on the Student Priorities for 2020/21


The current 2019/20 priorities

The current student priorities for the 2019/20 academic year (now) were set in the previous year which your elected officers and Students’ Union are currently working on.

Over 750+ students(across all the campuses) participated in the research and priority ballot last year which determined
the priorities set.

See the priorities



Student Priorities timeline

Mar-Oct 19/20

Priorities Embedded

The Student Priorities selected for the 19/20 Academic Year is embedded into our work for year ahead which your elected officers are accountable too.

Nov 2019

Priority Setting 2020/21

We will be going around the University campus to consult you on the issues affecting you and challenges you face which the SU needs to address. 


Members Meeting Priority Reflection & Your Ahead Vote

Your officers will give a progress report on the work done to address the 19/20 priorities and the priority ballot will be launched for you to select the priorities for the 20/21 year ( shortlisted from the research conducted)

Jan 20/21

Priorities Selected

Voting for the 20/21 priorities will finish on the 17th January from which results will be out on the 29th January.


GSU Elections

Candidates in the GSU Elections will set out their manifestos how they hope to address the Student Priorities if elected by you. You choose who is the best to delver on the priorities.