What are they?

The SU is led by students and so every year we ask our members "What do you want us to work on?". We turn this into a list and you vote on the four you would like GSU to work on.

Once these are set, each of the GSU Officers are responsible for updating and ensuring work is being done on them. 


How does this happen?

Each year we consult our members about their university experience, perception of the SU, challenges they face and what can be done by building solutions to the issues identified.

We consolidate all our findings into a priority ballot for you to decide the top priorities which the SU/Officers should work on for the next academic year.

In our GSU Elections, candidates interpret these priorities and build a case as to why they are best fit to be elected to address them. Those officers elected by you are then mandated to work on the priorities and will be held accountable throughout the year in how they have addressed them.


2021/22 Student Priorities Results


Jobs & Placement Help

Getting employment is the biggest driver of coming to university and we will work towards providing the skills and opportunities to prepare you for work.


International Support

GSU recognises the complex needs of students who have come to the UK to study and will provide specific support to aid this large demographic of students at Greenwich across each campus.




Course Organisation & Timetabling

The organisation of your course is a key driver of student satisfaction especically to organise your life around your University workload and experience. We will work with you and the University to champion your needs when it comes to course organisation and timetabling.



Student Money & Cost of Living

University should be affordable for all students. We will work to reduce the cost of living and studying at Greenwich.