What are they?

The SU is led by students and so every year we ask our members "What do you want us to work on?". We turn this into a list and you vote on what you would like GSU to work on.

Once these are set, each of the GSU Officers are responsible for updating and ensuring work is being done on them. 


How does this happen?

Each year we consult our members about their university experience, perception of the SU, challenges they face and what can be done by building solutions to the issues identified.

We consolidate all our findings into a priority ballot for you to decide the top priorities which the SU and Officers should work on for the next academic year.

In our GSU Elections, candidates interpret these priorities and build a case as to why they are best fit to be elected to address them. Those Officers elected by you are then mandated to work on the priorities and will be held accountable throughout the year in how they have addressed them.


2023/24 Student Priorities

You voted and we heard. Your 2023/24 priority is reducing costs on campus. Read more below.

Reducing Costs on Campus

Cost of living has been a huge topic over the past 12 months and beyond and it is important that costs on campus continue to be low to support students through this crisis. This student priority looks to ensure that GSU continue to advocate for low cost food options on campus, removing hidden course costs across faculties (costs that you were not aware of when you started your chosen course e.g. textbooks/lab coats) and addressing the Medway bus cost alongside many others, your Officers will continue to advocate for cheaper campus life for all.


2023/24 Results Breakdown

See below for a breakdown of this years voting.

Thank you for voting. Watch this space for updates and our supporting statement (coming soon).