A Green GSU

At GSU we are committed to minimising our impact on the planet and maintaining sustainable practices in everything we do.

Our strategic theme,  Protect Our Planet Together, details work that we're committing to over the next few years to ensure we're playing our part in ensuring the future of the planet.



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Green Impact

GSU will be working towards a Green Impact Accreditation from the National Union of Students (NUS). If you are interested in getting involved please email greenwichsu@gre.ac.uk.

Student Sustainability

The University has a bank of resources on their website about living and learning sustainably whilst studying at the University of Greenwich.

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Sustainable Homes

In your house, you can take control of sustainability! Read this guide by the University's Sustainability Team.

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There's even a fantastic guide that explains how you can be sustainable in your halls.

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Sustainable Work

It's up to everyone to live sustainably. If you're not sure where to start, there's a fantastic guide. How can you be more sustainable at work? Read this guide by the University's Sustainability Team.

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Sustainable Money Habits

Discover the little book of sustainable money habits for National Student Money Week 2020 (PDF linked directly below). 

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Sustainable Spending

Discover a few simple tips to spend less and protect our planet. All links below open in a new window.

Charity Shopping


Green Travel



Sustainable fashion

Students are a key target for fast-fashion companies whose products are 'on-trend' and affordable. This company model causes a large impact on our planet. Here are some tips to become more sustainable:

  • Repair your clothes rather than replacing them. How to sew a button - video
  • Resale what you don't wear on sites like Depop.
  • Shop in local charity stores for some amazing finds or shop vintage. Try out this store in Greenwich you can follow them on Insta here.
  • Recycle your clothes - we have clothing banks in Dreadnought and The Dome. 
  • Wash your clothes on a cooler wash, let them air dry, and avoid washing unnecessarily.



Edible Garden

Further links

Discover the University's Sustainability Team - visit their website at:





Green Gown Awards 2020

Eco-Team Greenwich is a collaboration between staff and students at Greenwich

The Green Gown Awards Team had this to say about the Eco Team: 'We really like the process of discussing issues of importance followed by considered action, as well as the balanced collaboration of the EcoTeam. And such a breadth of fantastic activities have been run as a result!  It would be great to see this developed for future applications, to include evidence of long-term impact, and how the activities are creating behaviour change.'

You can connect with the Eco-Team on Facebook and Instagram.

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