This is your place to find recipes to create meals to get you through the day.

Each day, we will be posting a new recipe for you to try out at home. All the recipes we post use long-life ingredients that are always knocking about in the cupboards.

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Simple houmous

Ginger flapjacks


Tuna and vegie fritters 

Vegetable and chickpea curry

Ham fried rice

Saucy bean baked eggs

Raid the store cupboard side

Real tomato soup

Spaghetti Puttanesca

Chilli prawn noodles

Pad Thai

Vegetable spag bol

Hungover noodles

Crispy Sausage Rigatoni

Thai red chicken curry

Honey and soy chicken with noodles

Pesto jackets

Tuna patties


Mocha pots

Pantry Pudding

Two ingredient Nutella cake

Coffee buns