Coaches Information Hub

All Sports clubs and activity-based Societies at GSU are student led groups in which each year a new committee is elected to operationally run the group and drive the vision and aims of the group. For some groups, qualified coaches and instructors are needed to provide technical services to the group and its members. 

An addition to this includes GSUmove activity and the intructors assigned to delivering both virtual and physical sessions for the recreational sport programme.


Information for new and continuing coaches:



The role of qualified coaches and instructors for GSU student groups include (but are not limited to the following): 

  • To help ensure continuity and improvement of personal and team Performance through structured coaching, skills tuition and improved fitness. 

  • To support the student committee members in ensuring that only official members of the (as defined by GSU) or GSU –registered Coaches/Instructors attend, coach or participate in Club/Society activity.  

  • To support the student committee members in implementing GSU systems and procedures. 

  • To ensure the sports club/group is up to date with relevant legislation relating to specific NGB’s. 

  • To advise the student committee members on any appropriate specific guidance/ regulations relating to their activity. 

  • To advise the student committee members and members where appropriate and qualified to do so – eg. Team selection, tactics, competition, opportunities, development plans – although responsibility for decision-making, organisation and administration of the Club/Society rests solely with the committee. 



Qualified coaches and instructors providing services for GSU groups are considered independent contractors (or sole trader), meaning that they shall be responsible for all income tax liabilities and National Insurance in respect of their fees. As independent contractors, payments are made via invoices.  All coaches are to invoice in arrears on a monthly basis at a rate agreed in advance with the Student Activities Manager.  All invoices are subject to 60 days payment terms. Invoices that are submitted after this period may be subject to delays. Please note that GSU is a charity and as such any unspent funds in our accounts will be returned to the donor at the end of the year.  

All invoices must include: 

  • Date of invoice submission 

  • Name and address of company/individuals 

  • Contact email and number 

  • Invoice number 

  • Addressed to Kayleigh McNeice with the following address Greenwich Students Union, Dreadnought Building, 30 Park Row, Greenwich, London, SE10 9LS 

  • Full description of services with any associated dates/hours (hours of coaching included only; transport allowance is not included) 

  • One of the following: Company number/VAT number/UTR number (for self-employed)* 

  • Current bank details for the specific individual or company 


* this number is needed to confirm that you will be responsible for all income liabilities.  More information on how to declare your status and taxable income can be found here.



As all coaches and instructors will be providing services on behalf of GSU to our membership, you will be subject to all GSU policies. Breaches of policies is grounds for immediate termination of contract. For all GSU policies, click here.



To register as a coach or instructor, you must have/complete the following:

  • Completed coach registration form (to be completed annually)
  • Signed GSU coach agreement (to be completed once at start of role)
  • Submission of qualification documents (to be submitted at each renewal)


Members of GSU staff regular relay information related to group activity through committee members and will only contact coaches with enquiries specific to the coach (I.e. registration or invoicing) If you would like to get in contact with the Student Activities team, please contact them at:


Download the GSU Coach Agreement here.


Coach Registration Form


This form is to be completed by anyone providing coaching and instructor services to any Greenwich Students' Union student group or delivering any GSUmove recreational sport activity. This form must be completed annually to be officially registered. 

If you are a new coach, please ensure the GSU coach agreement is signed and submitted to first. 


What is your full name and preferred name?

What is your email address?

What is your address?

What is your contact number?

Which group are you coaching?

Are you currently a student?

What coaching qualifications do you hold?

Do you hold a first aid qualification?

Do you have public liability insurance (typically included with your qualification)?

What is your UTR number?


After completing this form, please email a copy of any newly obtained or renewed qualification certificates to Once we have received these documents you will be emailed to confirm you are registered. By completing this form you accept that you are not employed by Greenwich Students' Union, but offer your coaching/instructing services to us.