The New Era

As we move into a new decade, it is time for a new era. This is your moment to make a legacy for your team and go for gold.

To make things even more interesting this year, we will be competing with a new Varsity partner and we are excited to officially announce that the 2020 partner for Varsity is London Southbank Students’ Union. It’s time for Team Greenwich to take on Team LSBU.


Team 2020

For many of you, this might be your first Varsity, here’s a bit more information about what happens at the event. Varsity is an amazing highlight of the sporting calendar here at Greenwich Students’ Union. It’s a great opportunity for Team Greenwich players to feel #ProudToBeGRE and rally behind your fellow clubs.


Save the Date

Greenwich VS Southbank Varsity will take place Wednesday 25 March 2020.

We will shortly be launching an event on Facebook. This will be a key place to keep up to date on the latest Varsity news as it comes.


A Message from GSU Officer Jono Smith

“Having been involved in Varsity for the last few years and as a player, it really is one of the biggest dates in the calendar. We’ve enjoyed playing against our friends at Medway, but now it’s time to take on Southbank and set ourselves a new challenge.”

“I know how much our group leaders will want to go out and perform and win!”