Disability History Month 

Disability History Month aims to explore intersectionality, disability activism, and challenge misconceptions. Disabled people make up a fifth of the population of the UK, and yet they are still the largest minority which faces discrimination in this country.


Beyond the Barriers

A journey through disability history in the UK.

16th November to 16th December

Visit our exhibition at both Greenwich (The Atrium) and Medway (The Hub) campuses to explore Disability History Month. Delve into disability history, celebrate the present, and envision a future where barriers are dismantled, and diversity is celebrated. Beyond Barriers provides an opportunity to learn, connect, and deepen our commitment to creating a world where all voices, regardless of ability, are heard and valued.



What's on? 

Our GSU Officer Laziz is organising a programme of events this autumn. Please contact Laziz at to share your ideas, experiences and feedback. 


Recommended Resources

To celebrate Disability History Month we have put together a collection of books we reccommend. Find out more about each below. For your chance to win a copy fill out our short survery by clicking here.




Disability Visibility

Disability Visibility is a collection of short essays exploring the life of disabled individuals across the globe, discussing the impact their disability has had on their life, from medical care, to poverty, to fashion and relationships.

This intersectional exploration of disability illuminates areas of disability that are often too taboo to discuss in the open, and sheds light on the struggles, but also the joy, that can come with being disabled.

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How to Build a Boat

This shortlisted Booker Prize nominee follows Jamie O'Neill on his journey to create a Perpetual Motion Machine to connect with his dead mother, Noelle, who died from his birth. At a new school, exploring his teenage hood, Jamie struggles to find friends, instead connecting with two teachers who bring their own complicated lives.

Set in West Ireland, the book explores community and connections which beautifully represents Autism in a new light.

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The Perseverance

British-Jamaican poet utilises space and time to discover new territories in his identity, exploring grief, loss and language through the lens of the deaf experience.

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A painstakingly funny memoir of a man with cerebral palsy, and how his experiences of being disabled and gay have challenged his life, but not taken away his joy or happiness. He explores the fire and spirit he had to take on the world, while acutely aware the world wasn't ready for him.

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