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Last updated 4th November 2021.

Welcome to the Greenwich Students' Union (GSU) information page. 

We will keep this page up to date with lots of useful information to help you through changes due to Covid-19.

If you have any queries for us or want some more information, just email us at

Latest updates

Stay safe against Covid-19 this Autumn

Wed 10 Nov 2021

Three students in face masks socially distancing

We've put together an article to help you stay #CovidConscious and stay calm this Autumn with Covid-19 still around.

Take the right test!

Thu 04 Nov 2021


Take the right test to stop the spread of Covid-19

I stay #CovidConcious because...

Wed 08 Sep 2021

students with face masks and distancing

Your GSU Officers have launched their new campaign to highlight how students are keeping each other safe by being #CovidConscious


Mental health and wellbeing

Get support from our Advice Team

You can reach them via a simple form - just click the button below. Our team will get in touch via email and/or Teams. If you are a Medway student, please click here to access their Advice Service. 

Get in touch Read our Advice Handbook Apply for Extenuating Circumstances



This is your place to find activities to help you tackle stress and improve your wellbeing while you learn from home, especially during exam and deadline seasons.

Find out more


University and external support

There are a range of services that you can access at the University and beyond - such as Togetherall, Student Space and Student Minds - if you need help.

Find out more

Vaccine information

Covid Vaccinations for students: information and FAQs.

Check out the information here: Vaccine FAQ article.


Frequently asked questions

These are common queries we've been getting from you and other students - we'll update with further common queries and information as it becomes available.

Last updated 7th April 2021

Specific information relating to your course will be available from your Faculty, including arrangements for placement students. You should be able to access your timetable at

If your course is resuming on campus you will be able to get tested quickly at local testing sites. You can book ahead online before coming to campus. Details are on the following website:

Plans for examinations and assessments are unchanged and the University is their No Detriment Policy, which ensures that no student loses out because of the pandemic. There will be further details available as soon as possible. I am absolutely committed to supporting you in as many ways as possible.


Government advice is to stay local.  If you are likely to experience any issues or problems in accessing your studies from home, please contact the University Student Centres, and they can provide you with the support you need.

The inter-campus University bus services are running.


The University have an Accommodation Promise that applies. This means that if your course has moved completely online and you are not using your room, hall fees will be refunded for the period.

The University will keep this under review as the Government reviews lockdown arrangements. Any additional information will be circulated by the University Accommodation Services.


With the UK Government's new regulations due to COVID-19, most classes will be taught online.

For all students - new and continuing:
The Government is recommending that you do not travel at present unless you absolutely have to. You can study online, from home, if you wish – there are some exceptions to this and your Faculty will be in touch directly if your course is not available online. If you have already made plans to arrive in the UK and these plans cannot be changed, the University is ready for you. Let the University know your plans by completing this survey if you have not done so already, or if your plans have changed.

University accommodation is open, and they are operating a COVID-safe campus. You should make sure that you follow Government advice on quarantine when you arrive in the UK.  Please remember though that classes will still be online even if you are in the UK.

If you're a new student this term, there are several things that all new students need to complete over the coming weeks.

  • You should make sure that you complete online registration as soon as possible if you have not done so already.  The final date for registration is Thursday 4th February – by this date you must have fully completed online registration and you must have been attending online lectures, tutorials and seminars.  If you have not completed this, you will be unable to register for this session.
  • The International Welcome Programme is available to access now - this includes helpful resources for you to prepare for life as an international student at the University of Greenwich.
  • Your course induction will begin online in the week commencing 11th January. It is important you attend these online sessions to hear about important information regarding your course and about your time at the University. You will be able to access this using your timetable, which you will be able to access through the Student Portal.  
  • Online lectures and tutorials will start in the week beginning 18th January – you will receive your timetable directly from your Faculty.


Students travelling to the UK will need to complete the pre-CAS process, obtain a CAS, and complete a visa application. The University recommends that students who are not travelling continue to engage with the pre-CAS process, so that the University can provide you with a CAS in good time to make your visa application ahead of eventual travel to the UK. CAS now issued by the University will have a start date of 15th February, which will be the earliest that most courses will begin face-to-face teaching.

The government has said that visa concessions allow for the ongoing provision of online learning for the duration of the academic year 2020/21, and students will not be penalised for being unable to collect their Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) while COVID-19 measures are in place. 


This should be avoidable as the University work to a principle of not bunching assessments. In practice, this would mean that you would not expect to see assignments in a week where students have exams. On programmes where there are no exams, assignments can take place in the period.

Faculties have been working to avoid this happening w/c 11th January; where assignment deadlines alongside exams have been identified, deadlines have been moved and extended. You should have been contacted by your Faculty if this applies to you.


Campus Libraries - all libraries will remain open from 9am – 7pm on weekdays and 9am – 5pm on weekends for quiet, socially distanced, independent study. The University are extended the loan dates on books, so check your account. You can use any library at Greenwich, even one on a different campus to where you study or live. Just make sure you have your Student ID to show when you arrive.

Student Centres - these are open for face-to-face queries on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10am-2pm, and remote queries Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. You can stay updated with opening times for the different campuses via the Greenwich website. 

Wellbeing support - the University have their Student Wellbeing Service, offering support in a range of areas. They also have details about further wellbeing support outside of the University on their website at  


GSU Welcome - you can still do something with 2021 through our GSU Welcome programme! We have a broad range of activities on offer which you can engage in at home. You can make new mates through our Societies; be active with GSUMove; and stay calm with StressBusters

Our outlets - our Village Shop on the Avery Hill campus is open Monday-Friday; our other outlets (Lower Deck and Change) will be closed until further notice. Keep an eye on their websites and/or social media for updates on when they’ll reopen.  

Advice - if you need confidential support, our advisors can help with issues such as finances, housing, academic issues, health & wellbeing or any other issues, contact our Advice Team at We also have a range of events through our StressBusters programme to help you tackle stress and improve your wellbeing while you learn from home. See the events on offer on our website. 



Yes, but only for academic study.


The multifaith space in Greenwich to re-open from Thursday 8th April for individual prayer. Social distancing and room capacities will apply (information supplied at the entrance of the room).

Avery Hill is also re-open for private faith practice. Medway spaces are not re-open yet.


The University has a range of support available, which is all listed below.

1. The Greenwich Hardship Fund - Home and EU students only
A grant of up to £4,000. Applicants must be in receipt of a student finance maintenance loan. We will look at their income and expenditure and if the student has a shortfall, we pay a percentage of it. Students are required to provide lots of information, and it can take a while to process. If we are provided all the information requested, it will take no longer than 7 working days to assess the student for hardship.

2. The Commuter Bursary - Home and EU students only
The bursaries are worth 50% of your monthly commuting cost between home and university up to £1,000 per academic year. Students apply for this by completing a hardship fund application, and must have a household income of £25,000 or below.

3. Debt Advice
Students in debt, or need specialist money advice – including consumer credit advice (mortgages, credit cards, loans etc) can contact Woolwich Citizens Advice on 020 8309 8684. All student can use this service.


If you Covid symptoms, firstly don't panic. Start self isolating, and report it to the University. All members of our household must self-isolate until you have a negative test result.

If you live in University halls, the Accommodation team there can help you. For anyone self-isolating wherever you are, there is some good advice online at Mental health charity MIND have some guides to support your welfare whilst isolating, or studying/working from home -


Pharmacy students are currently taught by the University of Kent. For more information and their guidance, please visit the University of Kent website.



University Policies

We have included a link to the University Policies below.

University Policies

Due to the major disruption being announce we understand more students are looking to make a complaint. Please find the complaints procedure below.

Complaints procedure

Major Disruptions