Money Management

As a student, it can feel new to organise your expenses and sometimes hard to keep on top of it. GSU will be holding loads of events throughout the year to support you and give advice on how to manage your money better. Check out this page for any useful links and events all to do with good money management.


Check out our StressBusters Money Management Q&A Series

Our Senior Adviser Jason King and Claire Evenden, Senior Student Finance Manager for University of Greenwich answered your most-asked questions about money and finance. 



How do I keep a budget?

How do I apply for a bursary?

Will fees stay the same?

Do you have advice for furlough?

Can I access the Greenwich Hardship Fund?

Will International fees change due to COVID?

What are the International scholarship awards?



How to manage your money properly - Article

Useful links

Funding Checklist
Advice Handbook
Debt Advice
Greenwich Hardship Fund
University of Greenwich Bursaries