Society of Dramatic Arts (SODA)

Welcome to the Society of Dramatic Arts (S.O.D.A), a society for those who love theatre, movies & acting. We have lots of fun things lined up this year, so we hope you join us on this adventure!

Who are we?

Hi! Welcome to the Society of Dramatic Arts (S.O.D.A)! We are a brand-new society dedicated to all things drama and theatre!

Whether you are an avid lover of theatre, movies, production or acting itself, we welcome all those with a passion for drama. SODA has a lot of fun events planned for our inaugural year, at least one large, well known play performance, drama games and exercises (that are used within the BA Drama course), many nerdy theatre talks and a few fun surprises you'd want to be a part of! We are also planning on seeing theatre shows and movies as a group, with the aim being twice a term where part of the ticket price will be compensated by us. Of course, you are not obligated to attend any additional trips, but we would love you to!

With this being our inaugural year, we want our members to help shape the society. We have loads of ideas, but we want your input! We hope you see something special in our society and join us on this fun and exciting ride. We'll see you at freshers!



We are a group of friends studying all sorts of different subjects but with a combined love of all things drama! We are passionate about this society and want to share that passion with all of our members. Our President is Tori Norwood, our Vice President is Dan Chedgzoy, our head of Marketing and Media is Gigi Rashad, our Graphic Designer is Dylan Mackley, our Ambassador is Abi Stockhall and our Treasurer is Callum Abbott; but you can come to any of us with ideas or questions! We are all friendly and outgoing and want to help make SODA into the best society it can be!


See below for all the positions we currently have available:

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