University of Greenwich's Tourism Society

Who are we?

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the UoG Tourism Society. This is primarily a student led academic society, hosting trips and events for students interested in travel and tourism including group revision sessions, guest speakers from industry, and networking events.

We want to encourage the fun aspect of tourism too, so we are currently planning monthly trips across the UK and a trip to a European destination (which you get to vote) available for all students to experience, including non-members of the society, as well as events such quiz nights at Bar Latitude, movie nights and international drinking games nights.

UoG Tourism Society has the following academic aims:

·         To give all UoG students with an interest in tourism the chance to learn about the subject outside of their degree by organizing events, trips and meetings;

·         To promote employability opportunities within the tourism sector;

·         To promote Tourism courses and make it a more interesting subject for all;  

·         To extend students’ knowledge and to give all of them the opportunity to discuss and compare different thematic (both new and previously discussed during lectures);   

·         To create stronger understanding of the subject;

·         To strengthen the relationships (both personal and academic) between first, second and third year students, as well as Masters and PhD students;  

.         To earn some 'Passport Points'.

We welcome anyone who has an interest in tourism as well as travelling. The society has been founded in 2015 and it has many enthusiastic and knowledgeable members between first, second, third and MA students.

We are currently "co-presidencing" the society between three students: Arjun S. Kejsi X. and Sofy S.

Join our society and you will have the opportunity to be a part of exciting events as well as increase your networking skills, by gaining valuable connections within the industry.

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