Performing Arts

Welcome to PA! An ever-growing family of creative souls! Whatever your talent may be, we have a place for you! Here, we don't just create shows, we create memories.

Who are we?

Winners of Best Society Community Award 2023


Upcoming Events

Winter Showcase - 5th December, 2023, Bathway Theatre, Woolwich (scroll to the bottom of our page for tickets if accessing on a mobile!) 

Previous Events

Karaoke - 7:45 til Late, 29th September, 2023, The Lost Hour

FIRST SESSION - 6-8pm, 26th September, 2023, Bathway Theatre, Woolwich

Welcome Quiz Night - 5:30 - 9pm, 20th September 2023, Lower Deck 

Diamonds in the Rough - 6th & 7th June, Bathway Theatre, Woolwich

Karaoke - 7:30 til late, 31st March, 2023, The Lost Hour (collaboration with SODA!)

Summer Show Auditions - 6pm-8pm, 31st January, Bathway Theatre, Woolwich

Talent Showcase - 7pm-9pm, 6th December, Bathway Theatre, Woolwich

Karaoke - 7:45 til late, 28th Oct, 2022, The Lost Hour


Welcome to PA - The University of Greenwich's Performing Arts Society. If you have a passion for performing or creating theatre then you are exactly who we are looking for!

We are a group built up of singers, dancers, actors, writers, directors, backstage crew and busy people who enjoy putting on shows for friends, families, peers and the public.

We have put on a number of shows since our founding back in 2011: The Good Doctor, Welcome to the Mad House, Forever Young, In Wonder, A Blessing in Disguise, a number of cabaret and flash mob performances, improv comedy nights, and talent shows.

Our most recent production was Diamonds in the Rough: an original piece by one of our very own members! If you love to write, direct, work backstage, or act, our 2023/24 projects are for you!

Our main aim is to build a diverse group of talented people with a passion for creating and being involved in theatre. Expect to be surronded by like-minded people, gain key experience for the acting world, and have a chance to be in the spotlight (or be controlling the spotlights, if that's more your thing!)

We usually have:

1 meeting every Tuesday, 6pm - 8pm at Woolwich Bathway Theatre Studios, SE18 6QX

Follow us on Instagram & TikTok and get in touch!

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Hope to hear from you soon! :)











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  • Performing Arts Student Membership£5.00


  • Winter Showcase Ticket£5.00
  • Winter Showcase - Donation Pot£1.00


Winter Showcase
Bathway Theatre, Woolwich, SE18 6QX
You are invited to attend our Winter Showcase and enjoy some fun performances by the PA members. All proceeds will go to the British Red Cross and their Humanitarian Aid Appeal.