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Welcome to PA! An ever-growing family of creative souls! Whatever your talent may be, we have a place for you! Here, we don't just create shows, we create memories.

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Welcome to P.A. The University of Greenwich's only performing arts society. If you have a passion for performing or creating theatre then you are exactly who we are looking for!

We are a group built up of singers, dancers, actors, writers, directors, backstage crew and busy people who enjoy putting on shows for friends, families, peers and the public.

We have put on a number of shows since our founding back in 2011: The Good Doctor, Welcome to the Mad House, Forever Young, In Wonder, and a number of cabaret and flash mob performances as well as improv comedy nights.  


Our main aim is to build a diverse group, of talented people with a passion for creating and being involved in theatre. Throughout the year we do a few smaller performances, but our main accomplishment is the huge end of year show P.A puts on every year.

We are a very fun and outgoing society. We have a events manager who is constantly scheming themed nights out and social gatherings for us, to enable us to get to know each other and release steam over the year! We've taken over the Student Union bar countless times, and we've also spent days lazing about in the sun! We are hoping to expand our reaches a little and organise P.A. days out! You will make friends with an amazing bunch of people, and we will be there to support each and every one of you through your time at UoG.


We are a group of creative enthusiasts who enjoy performing! We've done several shows since our founding and we are always seeking new, talented individuals who can bring something new to the table. Whether you like to be on stage or just want to be a part of the experience, we want you!

We usually have 

1 meeting every week, 5:45 - 8pm at Woolwich Bathway Theatre Studios, SE18 6QX

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Hope to hear from you soon! :)



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