Performing Arts

Welcome to PA! An ever-growing family of creative souls! Whatever your talent may be, we have a place for you! Here, we don't just create shows, we create memories.

Who are we?

Winners of Best Society Community Award 2023


Upcoming Events

January Welcome Quiz Night - 5:30 - 9pm, 16th January 2024, Lower Deck

Previous Events

Winter Showcase - 5th December, 2023, Bathway Theatre, Woolwich

Karaoke - 7:45 til Late, 29th September, 2023, The Lost Hour

FIRST SESSION - 6-8pm, 26th September, 2023, Bathway Theatre, Woolwich

Welcome Quiz Night - 5:30 - 9pm, 20th September 2023, Lower Deck 

Diamonds in the Rough - 6th & 7th June, Bathway Theatre, Woolwich

Karaoke - 7:30 til late, 31st March, 2023, The Lost Hour (collaboration with SODA!)

Summer Show Auditions - 6pm-8pm, 31st January, Bathway Theatre, Woolwich

Talent Showcase - 7pm-9pm, 6th December, Bathway Theatre, Woolwich


Welcome to PA - The University of Greenwich's Performing Arts Society. If you have a passion for performing or creating theatre then you are exactly who we are looking for!

We are a group built up of singers, dancers, actors, writers, directors, backstage crew and busy people who enjoy putting on shows for friends, families, peers and the public.

We have put on a number of shows since our founding back in 2011: The Good Doctor, Welcome to the Mad House, Forever Young, In Wonder, A Blessing in Disguise, a number of cabaret and flash mob performances, improv comedy nights, and talent shows.

Our most recent production was Diamonds in the Rough: an original piece by one of our very own members! If you love to write, direct, work backstage, or act, our 2023/24 projects are for you!

Our main aim is to build a diverse group of talented people with a passion for creating and being involved in theatre. Expect to be surronded by like-minded people, gain key experience for the acting world, and have a chance to be in the spotlight (or be controlling the spotlights, if that's more your thing!)

We usually have:

1 meeting every Tuesday, 6pm - 8pm at Woolwich Bathway Theatre Studios, SE18 6QX

Follow us on Instagram & TikTok and get in touch!

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Hope to hear from you soon! :)











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There are no scheduled events. Contact us for future events.