Here we have listed answers to some frequently asked questions. We hope this clarifies some of the queries you may have.

At GSU there are four full-time officers who have been elected by students to represent them over the course of a year. The role is full-time and Officers can hold the role for a maximum of two years.

Yes. Staff are full-time and are not students. They support officers and work hard to ensure GSU delivers the best possible experience to students.

New officers are decided in the March elections. They start their roles mid-way through June to ensure they have a thorough induction period over the summer before the bulk of students arrive back in September.

Get involved with one of our initiatives which can be found here... We are always open to hearing about your projects are to see how GSU can support you. You will also find more information about the breadth of work that we do, by having a play around with the menu on the left-hand side of this page.

If you have a complaint, please also use our complaint form: greenwichsu.co.uk/makeacomplaint

Are you looking to book either, an Induction talk, NSS talk, Welcome fair stalls or any other GSU facilities. All of these and more can be booked by clicking on the ‘Book Forms’ tab on the menu!

You can find all the information about Academic Communities also through the menu on the left.

GSU has a presence on both our Greenwich (Dreadnought) and Avery Hill (Next to Village shop) campuses. At Medway you’ll find GK Unions in the Deep End. GK Unions is the partnership between Greenwich and Kent unions working together and this helps to support our Medway based students.

You’ve been recognised by students for the positive impact you’ve had on their experience at Greenwich! Information about the event can be found here: greenwichsu.co.uk/slta

If you have also been fortunate enough to have been shortlisted, you will be told about this, so keep an eye out in your inbox for a special GSU message!

Absolutely! We love that Lower Deck is a space that both staff and students can enjoy alongside and with each other.

If you have a question and couldn’t find an answer on our website, you can find out how to contact us (via telephone, e-mail, in-person) at the bottom of this page!

Alternatively, visit our main website. You can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to receive regular updates from us! Our Full-time Student Officers also have facebook and twitter accounts for regular updates on what they are doing for you.