Inclusivity Consultants

Inclusivity Consultants are paid student staff working for Greenwich Students’ Union.

Their work is directly related to the ongoing Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Awarding Gap project across the University and they seek to help staff with diversifying their teaching practices. Consultants can provide consultations to staff to advise them on inclusive practices, facilitating consultation groups with students and give a student perspective on their current practices. The consultants can also review materials such as course handbooks, module guides, assessment instructions and online materials, as well as giving feedback to academics on how to develop materials for courses.

Meet the Inclusivity Consultants

Sosan Azizi

Programme: Law, Third Year
Faculty: Liberal Arts and Sciences

As a BAME student myself the opportunity to become an Inclusivity Consultant really stood out to me because I will actively be helping students feel more included and represented in the University. I strongly believe everyone should have equal opportunities to perform well at University regardless of ethnicity and I am enthusiastic about working towards removing any barriers preventing this for BAME students. 


Karnika Sanders

Programme: Psychology, Third Year
Faculty: Education, Health and Human Sciences

I wanted to get involved with this role because the Awarding Gap is a prevalent issue that is important to tackle at the University. The opportunity to work with a plethora of departments to improve inclusivity in all parts of university life, both social and academic, is an opportunity I am passionate about. I hope to work towards positive changes in developing the University environment for the better.


Carl Williams

Programme: Politics and International Relations, First Year
Faculty: Liberal Arts and Sciences

As a mixed-race person, I have experienced racism and inequality and I know what it’s like to feel underrepresented, so I want to help make a real change and try to prevent anyone from experiencing inequality within the University.



Jasmine Woodroffe

Programme: Forensic Science with Criminology, First Year
Faculty: Engineering and Science

I believe in equality and making sure that everyone has the voice and opportunities they deserve. I am highly motivated, discerning, and conscientious. I really look forward to aiding the university in closing the Awarding Gap and providing substantial change for future BAME Students.



How can GSU help?

  • Inclusivity Consultants give perspective as a student at the University, using insights and personal experience.
  • As part of reviewing course materials, they can assist with reading list audits, creating jargon busters, reviewing the language used and debunking/demystifying myths.
  • Looking at diversity in resources as well as learning practices such as lecture and seminar styles. GSU can offer close contact and a lot of face time with academics and students as part of facilitating conversations.
  • Help organise consultation groups that provide support and feedback channels with students on the course in creating the inclusive framework. Facilitating co-creation between staff and students to leave continuity beyond the work of the Inclusivity Consultant.
  • Pull up Programme and module-specific data using the value-added (VA) dashboard.

BAME Awarding Gap Project

Inclusivity Consultants worked on the wider BAME Awarding Gap project. This is one example of how they are supporting academic interests at Greenwich.

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