Programme Reps

Programme Representatives are here to ensure that students’ academic interests are represented to the University and Students’ Union. Programme Reps are the voice of students studying on their programme and there should be at least one Rep per year group (depending on the size of the cohort).

Role and responsibilities of Programme Reps

  • Being the voice of the students studying on their programme
  • Gather information feedback from their peers on any issues affecting their academic experience
  • Liaise with Programme Leaders and tutors on a regular basis to share feedback and issues from their cohort
  • Attend Programme Committee Meetings
  • Engage with GSU for training, feedback and insight and assisting with developing and changing policy across the Students’ Union and University

Academic Staff's role in Academic Representation

  • Conduct an election to decide the Programme Reps for your cohort and keep this information up to date on Moodle for students to be able to access
  • Facilitate and encourage your students to share their feedback with the Programme Rep on a regular basis
  • Organise and invite Programme Reps to Programme Committee Meetings throughout the year
  • Share your meeting dates with the Reps and GSU to ensure attendance
  • Encourage the Programme Rep to feedback to the class any resolved or ongoing actions as a result of a meeting


If you are yet to elect Programme Reps for your Programme, please email to find out how our Representation Team can help support or run an election.

GSU has a dedicated Representation Team mixed of staff and volunteer students who assist and support the Programme Reps through regular communication.

How GSU supports Programme Reps

  • Trains the Reps to give them the skills necessary to fulfil their role
  • Give them the tools to be able to constructively gather and disseminate feedback from their peers and to their Programme Leaders
  • Ensure that their feedback is taken into account across the University
  • Ongoing development opportunities throughout the year
  • Reward and Recognition for their voluntary time through incentivised engagement opportunities


For any other information about the work or role of Programme Reps please e-mail and a member of the GSU Representation Team will be in touch.