Working with our Partner Colleges

Greenwich Students’ Union exists to support students at the University of Greenwich by:  

  • Promoting the interests and welfare of students at the University during their course of study and representing, supporting and advising Students. 
  • Providing social, cultural, sporting and recreational activities, and forums for discussions and debate, for the personal development of its Students. 

  • Being the recognised representative channel between Students and the University and any other external bodies. 

Greenwich Students’ Union (GSU) delivers several services to support these charitable objectives for students at the University. Some of these services and support systems are delivered in partnership with Greenwich & Kent Students’ Unions (GKSU), enabling a specialist provision for students based at Medway campus. For the purposes of this document, ‘GSU’ should be seen to entail both GSU and GKSU resourcing.  

Historically, the status of Partner College students as University of Greenwich students (and therefore GSU members) has been unclear. With recent clarity within the MoA, GSU is now able to identify the opportunities for Partner College support, and any barriers to that support given resourcing capacities within GSU. This document outlines responsibilities across key areas for both GSU and Partner Colleges. 

GSU & Partner Colleges

SU exists to support fully registered University of Greenwich students. The relationship the University has with Partner Colleges is complex, with varying degrees of partnership and/or outsourced provision across numerous colleges. The University of Greenwich has a number of responsibilities to students studying relevant courses across the Partner Colleges.  

However, GSU is not responsible nor positioned to extend its charitable objects (or provide any related services) across Partner Colleges. As Partner College students are entitled to their own representation at local Students’ Unions, it would be inappropriate for GSU to duplicate or confuse these students’ local provision and systems of representation, which will be determined and delivered by their own Students’ Union. Importantly, GSU respects the autonomy and relationship of local Students’ Unions with both their own membership and their institution (in this case, the Partner Colleges themselves). It is important that home Unions maintain their status as the recognised representative channel between Students and the Institution. Additionally, GSU is funded to support the needs of students studying primarily at University of Greenwich only, and is not funded to extend limited resourcing beyond the given cohort. 

The MoA between Partner Colleges and the University does not stipulate provision by GSU for Partner College students, but rather places responsibility on the Partner Colleges themselves to ensure adequate provision is in place to meet basic quality assurance and enhancement expectations and processes (e.g. through academic representatives, who may be supported and overseen by local Students’ Unions). GSU would encourage Partner Colleges to work closely with their own Students’ Union (and/or student representative body) to build best practice and partnership work locally. Key areas of Students’ Union activity, as well as expectations of both GSU and Partner College Students’ Unions, are outlined for clarity below:

Elections & Officers

  • Partner College students are not eligible to vote or participate in any GSU Elections 

  • Elections for any student representatives should be run locally by Partner College Students’ Unions  

  • GSU Officers are not held to account by, nor responsible to, Partner College students. GSU Officers are only held to account by and responsible to full University of Greenwich students 

Academic Representation & Communities 

  • Academic Representation and Community programmes (e.g. Programme Reps, Course Reps, School Reps, Faculty Reps, Academic Societies) must be run by Partner Colleges and associated home Students’ Unions. This should ensure that issues identified by students can be solved locally in line with relevant feedback mechanisms and enhancement processes.  

  • Partner Colleges (and their Students’ Unions) will be responsible for the training and engagement of Academic Representatives (as outlined above). However, in the spirit of partnership, GSU can freely provide Partner Colleges copies of any resources produced for University of Greenwich students to support the development of Academic Representative support programmes locally.  

  • GSU’s Academic Communities Programme will not measure its success based on the engagement of Partner College students, nor provide specific activity tailored to these courses. However, dependent on capacity, the programme’s Coordinator and wider staff team may be able to assist and advise Partner College staff on how to replicate similar interventions locally. This advice would be best provided during summer months.  

  • GSU is not responsible for Partner College NSS promotion or scores on Q26. 

Advice & Policy  

  • Students should seek Academic Advice locally at their Partner College, ideally via their home Students’ Union. Should students require support, support may be provided by GSU Advisers, but this will be dependent on capacity with priority going to full University of Greenwich students.  

  • GSU will provide trained and briefed student panellists for any escalated University procedures (e.g. complains, academic offences, disciplinary, fitness to practice, etc.) which are under review by University of Greenwich panels, in line with policies and procedures.  

  • GSU will not review Partner College policies and procedures in the same way it does for University of Greenwich. Where capacity allows, GSU may support home Students’ Unions and/or Partner College representatives with policy reviews on request.  

Student Groups 

  • Students studying at Partner Colleges are eligible to purchase Associate Membership for selected GSU Student Groups, including sports clubs and societies.  

  • GSU will not be able to provide logistical or staff support for Student Groups across Partner Colleges, and this should be provided by the Partner Colleges themselves and/or their Students’ Unions. 


  • Partner College students studying near or living at Avery Hill campuses will have access to the Village Shop, which provides essentials to local students and staff 

  • Partner College students can attend the Lower Deck bar based at Greenwich campus within Dreadnought, as this bar is open to the public. For specialist nights requiring ticketing, tickets may be purchased through the GSU website. 

List of Partner Colleges

Partner College Network: 

  • London South East Colleges (LSEC – Bromley and Bexley) 

  • Bird College 


  • Activate Learning (formerly Guildford College) 

  • Mid Kent College 

  • North Kent College (inc Hadlow College and West Kent College) 

  • European School of Osteopathy (teaching out) 

  • Lewisham Southwark College (teaching out) 

  • Whitefield Academy 

Further Education and Skills Sector partners (managed by FEHHS) 

  • Farnborough College of Technology 

  • Hertfordshire Regional College 

  • Kingston College 

  • Wiltshire College 

School Centred Initial Teacher Training partners (managed by FEHHS) 

  • Cambridge SCITT 

  • Colchester SCITT 

  • Mid-Essex SCITT 

Other Partners 

  • Royal School of Military Engineering (RSME) – managed by FES 

  • Truro & Penwith College – FEHHS 

  • Canterbury Christchurch University – FEHHS  

  • International College of Oriental Medicine – FEHHS (teaching out)