NSS talks and support package

GSU helps to support the National Student Survey (NSS) delivery through booking completion talks.

These talks are aimed at helping students with the following;

  • Understand what the NSS is
  • Why it is important to making change at the University
  • How to complete the NSS


The GSU talk is useful in helping to supplement any pre-arranged activity at Programme level that is aimed at supporting completion.

Book a talk

You can book a talk by e-mailing the following information to s.mujunga@greenwich.ac.uk.

  • Date and time required for the shout out
  • The room number, building and campus
  • Name of Lecturer
  • Department name, Programme title, Module title


Contact Sam

Academic Communities

GSU has also planned a programme of events that highlights academic communities and showcases how students can get involved in an extra-curricular activity.

The aim is to inform students of Academic Communities and how this shapes their student experience, what they can get involved with and how GSU represent students’ academic interests.

This will consist of a 2-week long programme of events across each campus where GSU will showcase Academic Communities and give academic societies a chance for more exposure and boost membership.

Learn more