Academic Communities

This project looks after all Academic Societies and provides support and resources to improve their events and activities. Academic Communities also extends this support to Programme Representatives who wish to fill gaps within their courses with academic and/or social activity.

As part of the on-going work GSU does to better represent our students’ needs, the Academic Communities project aims to engage students who are traditionally harder to reach.

These students include;

  • Commuter students
  • Placement students
  • Mature students
  • Student Parents
  • Disabled students
  • Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME)/International students


Alongside student support, Academic Communities strives to work with academic staff to target areas of concern and emphasise points of strength at a programme, department or faculty level.

GSU is happy to be involved in existing initiatives to engage students as well as work with staff to create a new activity that will ultimately better every students' experience.

The Academic Communities work is shaped and focussed by various factors, including statistics showing disengagement and dissatisfaction as well as students' voice.

Feedback from students is gathered through consultation groups, networking events and some democratic projects, such as Student Priorities. All of this information helps shape the direction of Academic Communities events and data tracking allows us to see how effective targeted events are towards disengaged students.

Academic Communities Project Form

The Academic Communities project was championed by Professor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Karen Bryan and initiated in 2018/19 through Greenwich Students' Union. The aim of the project is to build communities in areas where students face difficulties in being involved in co-curricular activities, through collaboration between the University and the Union to ultimately provide an all-round better University experience for all types of student. 

If you would like to get involved with the project, please get in touch with Priya, Academic Communities Coordinator.

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Academic Communities Webpage

Our student-facing webpage showcases the wide variety of Societies and events on offer for students to participate in.

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Funding Form

In order to develop Academic Communities further, you can apply for resources for events through the funding form.

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The Students’ Union Advice Services at Greenwich and Medway give free, independent and confidential advice to University of Greenwich students on academic and welfare problems. We will not report what you have told us to the University, unless you want us to, or in rare situations (particularly if your welfare is at serious risk). See: The only thing we cannot advise on is your Student Visa or Immigration status. Students seeking advice on visa or immigration issues should contact the University International Student Advice Service (ISAS) for assistance.
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All students are entitled to support from the Study Skills tutors at the University. There are also a lot of online resources. See: for details.
If you want to practice your English conversational skills, find out about Language Connect groups at . These groups are available for all students.
In our opinion, nearly all international students have the skills to communicate effectively if they’ve got the confidence. The Language Connect groups are a great way to build your confidence, and help you take part in academic and social group activities.