Privacy and Data Protection

The Greenwich Students' Union (GSU) is the representative body of the students at the University of Greenwich. Our services and activities are also accessible by Union and University staff, and members of the general public. We also lead the partnership of students' unions at Medway alongside Kent Union and Christ Church Students' Union.

As part of our work, we collect and use data about people who access our activities, services and/or premises to ensure that we can offer the appropriate range of activities, services, support and experiences.  

We do this with great care to ensure that information is kept and used securely. We have a Data Protection Officer on our staff team who is responsible for ensuring the Union is compliant with data protection law and regulations; all Union staff and volunteers also receive training and information on how to handle data in their roles.

The information in this section of our website details:

  • our policies around how we do this in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • how we collect information
  • how we use it and why
  • how we get consent from you and other users
  • who else collects and processes data for and with us
  • how you can find out more about the information we hold about you
  • how you can report a breach if you think your data has been misused. 


If you want to find out more about your data rights, click here to visit the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) website.

Want to know our policy around working with data? 

Read our Data Protection Policy that all staff and student volunteers adhere to.

How long do we keep data for?

Our Data Map (last updated 3rd November 2020) details the data we collect, and how long we retain it. You can find information about the use of cookies on our website at

Want to find out the information we collect and how we use it? 

Read our Privacy Policy, and the Privacy Notice relevant to you (listed below).

- Student Privacy Notice
- Advice Service Privacy Notice
- Guest Privacy Notice
- Wellbeing and Outreach project notice
- Supplier and Client Privacy Statement
- Applicant and Employee Statement

Need to change the information we hold about you? 

If you are a student and need to change any personal information, please do this on the University of Greenwich Portal. If you cannot do this through the Portal, you can visit a Student Centre on one of the University campuses and make changes there.

If you are a staff member, member of the public or supplier, please email and let us know what needs to be corrected or updated.

Want to find out what data we hold about you? 

Then just send us a Right to Information request. Just fill out the form (Word document) linked below. All details about what we need to carry out the request are in the form. If you need it in another format, email us at We'll respond to you within one month of receiving your request.

Want us to erase some data about you? 

If you are a student and need to change any personal information, please request this via the University of Greenwich Portal or at a Campus Student Centre.

If you are a staff member, member of the public or supplier, just email our Data Protection Officer with the details of what you'd like us to erase.

Need to report a data breach? 

Email our Data Protection Officer with the details so that we can investigate it. We will do so within 72 hours, and report it to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) if necessary.

Want some information about us?

As an incorporated, limited by guarantee company and a registered charity, GSU is not a "public authority" in the sense of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act. As such, as we do not respond to FOI Requests. For more information, click here.

Interested in hearing from us? 

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