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When the Coronavirus pandemic began it affected home life, work and studies. Suddenly, many of us found ourselves working from home, bereaving lost ones and recovering from COVID-19. 

It is important to recognise the value of getting a good degree and what measures are in place to support you during the pandemic.

One of the key ways you can get support is applying for extenuating circumstances.

What are extenuating circumstances?

Extenuating circumstances or ECs for short are problems that may occur, that are either unforeseen or out of your control. Coming down with COVID-19 symptoms or dealing with new responsibilities such as becoming a caregiver could very well be seen as an extenuating circumstance.

The University's policy on ECs states that they are anything that could:

  • Impair your performance
  • Prevent you from attending an assessment or reassessment
  • Prevent you from submitting assess or reassessed work by a scheduled date

Further examples of what could count include serious illness, mental health difficulties, bereavement, acute personal or emotional circumstances and domestic disruption.

COVID-19 and extenuating circumstances

There are many ways COVID-19 can impact your ability to complete your assignments, if any of the following affect you, then submit an EC claim.

  • It's been shown that people who experience COVID-19 have symptoms of fatigue which can seriously hamper your performance.
  • If you have been in contact with someone who tests positive you have to self-isolate, this may mean that you can't access University resources that are vital to your learning and completion of coursework or an assignment.
  • You may have added childcare responsibilities to support your family, this may reduce your time available to complete an assignment and extra time could benefit you.

This list is not a full and exclusive list of reasons.

What are the benefits of an extenuating circumstances claim?

If you apply for an extenuating circumstances claim you could gain ten extra days to complete your work or text extra days with impaired performance and or non-submission.

The claims need to be made with evidence and the GSU Advice Service can help you to understand what evidence would be acceptable to submit with your EC claim. You can get in touch with the Advice Service for free through this form.

Useful links
University of Greenwich extenuating circumstances policy and procedure
GSU guide to extenuating circumstances


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