Exams and Assessments - what is Plagiarism?

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What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism refers to using and presenting another person’s ideas or words without properly referencing the source to indicate where the information is originally from. Plagiarism applies to both quotations and paraphrasing (putting the ideas/information of others in your own words).

We've put together some quick and simple do's and don'ts to make it clear what you are allowed to do.

Do’s and Don’ts on Plagiarism:  

DO proof-read your own work before submitting it. 
DO double-check that all your quotes have been properly referenced. 
DO use Studiocity to help. 
DO make use of the Extenuating Circumstances if you are struggling  

DON’T share your assignments with your friends. 
DON’T use assignment writing accounts on social media. 
DON’T leave your referencing until the last minute. 

Read our full guidance on plagiarism here.


Useful links for exams and assessments

Greenwich Students' Union offers a range of support for you:

StressBusters greenwichsu.co.uk/academic-communities/stressbusters

Advice Service greenwichsu.co.uk/advice

Academic Communities events greenwichsu.co.uk/academic-communities/events

The University of Greenwich also have resources to support you during this time:

LibCal libcal.gre.ac.uk 

Academic skills  www.gre.ac.uk/academicskills/home

Exam and Assignment Preparation www.gre.ac.uk/articles/ils/exam-preparation

Extenuating Circumstances Policy and Procedure  docs.gre.ac.uk/rep/sas/extenuating-circumstances-policy-and-procedure


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