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Our events

All sessions are FREE unless otherwise stated.

We advise anyone attending sessions to make sure they do so in comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear. We also recommend bringing some water along with you!

ActiveGRE sessions run every week for a small fee but are FREE as a one-off for This Girl Can week (female attendees only)

Yoga mats are provided for Yoga sessions. Note: The session indicated with an Asterix* is led by a male instructor.

The female-only gym sessions will have a female member of staff on duty.

Saturday 7th March

Charlton Women's Day - Charlton v Middlesbrough 
Tickets available | booking.cafc.co.uk

Monday 9th March

Pole Fitness
6pm-8pm  | Lower Deck  | Greenwich campus | £5

Gym Circuits | ActiveGRE
12pm-12.30pm | Sports Deck | Greenwich campus

Pilates | ActiveGRE
12pm-1pm | Sports Hall | Avery Hill campus, Southwood site 


Badminton | ActiveGRE
7pm-8pm | Sports Hall | Avery Hill campus, Southwood site 

Tuesday 10th March


Gym Circuits | ActiveGRE
8am-8.30am | Sports Deck | Greenwich campus

Dance | Ballet
6pm-7pm | Dance Studio | Avery Hill campus, Mansion site

Dance | Contemporary
7pm-8pm | Dance Studio | Avery Hill campus, Mansion site

Avery Hill park walk | ActiveGRE
12.30pm-1.30pm | Meet outside The Dome


Yoga | ActiveGRE
5pm-6pm | Sports Hall | Avery Hill campus, Southwood site


Female only gym
3pm-4.30pm | Sports Deck | Greenwich campus

Wednesday 11th March

Yoga with Sharath*
5pm-6pm | Boardroom, Dreadnought | Greenwich campus | £5


Dance | Street/Commercial
4.30-5.30pm | Dance Studio | Avery Hill campus, Mansion site

Tennis | ActiveGRE
12pm-1pm | Tennis Courts | Avery Hill campus

Thursday 12th March


Kundalini Yoga with Jessica 
4pm-5.30pm | Boardroom, Dreadnought | Greenwich campus | £5

12pm-1pm | Sports Hall | Avery Hill campus

Female only gym
2pm-3.30pm | Sports Deck | Greenwich campus

Salsa and Bachata
6pm-8pm | Lower Deck | Greenwich campus | £5


O2 Touch Rugby
6pm-8pm | 3G Pitch | Avery campus |

Friday 13th March

Kundalini Yoga with Jessica 

9am-10.30m | Boardroom, Dreadnought | Greenwich campus | £5

Yoga | ActiveGRE
12pm-1pm | Sports Hall | Avery Hill campus, Southwood site


Gym Circuits | ActiveGRE
12.15pm-12.45pm | Sports Deck | Greenwich campus


Female only gym
10.30am-12pm | Sports Deck | Greenwich campus


Saturday 14th March

Female only gym

12pm-1.30pm | Sports Deck | Greenwich campus