Assignment writing services - what's the harm?

A 2016 report from The Times revealed that almost 50,000 students were found to have used an assignment writing service between 2013-2016.

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What is an assignment writing service?

An assignment writing service will offer to write your assignments, essays and exam answers and state that they are written by professionals. They will charge you for this service. Assignment writing services will state that they will offer a custom experience for all academic disciplines at all levels. Whilst this might seem like an appealing offer, it is too good to be true.

What can happen as a result of using an assignment writing service?

Universities have been aware of assignment writing services for years and have robust systems in place to identify academic misconduct. Assignment writing services are a form of cheating and are not approved by the University of Greenwich. Cheating on assignments and repeatedly doing so can result in your expulsion from the university.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism refers to using and presenting another person’s ideas or words without properly referencing the source to indicate where the information is originally from. An assignment writing service will write your essay for you and is an assignment that is fully plagiarised. You can read our full article on plagiarism here.

Why do people use assignment writing services?

Some students feel overwhelmed by their workload and think that an assignment writing service may be a quick solution to their problems. Unfortunately, it can make their situation even worse when they are found out. Students are being targetted as a vulnerable group by these assignment writing companies, they'll try and reassure you with special coronavirus discounts to encourage you to cheat.

Are Greenwich students at risk?

One in ten students who have come to the Advice Service in the current academic year have had to seek advice for issues relating to plagiarism. This is already up from last year and we're not even through the academic year.

I'm struggling to write my assignment, what help can I get instead?

Check the Library Services for support sessions: Library Workshops - LibCal - University of Greenwich

Consider asking for Extenuating Circumstances: Extenuating Circumstances (

Speak to your module leader and ask for more support if you are struggling with your assignment, be open and honest.


Upcoming events:

Referencing & Avoiding Plagiarism (Exam & Assignment Support) - LibCal - University of Greenwich



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Cheating on the rise in UK universities during Covid, say researchers | Universities | The Guardian



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