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Useful info

We know there can be a lot to take in when joining university and it can sometimes be hard to know where to look, or who to turn to. 

We’ve compiled a handy list of core support services and things you might need to think about when starting university. 

Take your time reading through the sections below and jumping to the relevant websites that you need. 

Click each section to open it up and find out more.

Before you arrive

There are a few things you will need to think about and complete before you join us at Greenwich. 

Before making your visa application, you will need to get your CAS – Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies. This is an electronic statement that includes your unique ‘CAS number’.


The University will issue your CAS once you have accepted your offer to study and paid any applicable fees. For more information on CAS click here.


You will also need a CAS if you are intending to extend your visa to complete your studies. More information about this process can be found here - click here.

Most international students will need a Student Visa to study in the UK. Be sure to gather as much knowledge as you can around how the application process works and any documentation you might need. This will make the process as smooth as possible for you! You can find a list of documents you might need here: For more general information, head here:


If you’re looking to extend your visa, then the process is slightly different and you can explore more here:


The International Student Advice Service is also on hand to answer any questions you might have and support you in your application: or email

You’ll need a place to live when you get here and there are some great options at all three campuses! There are typically two types of accommodation available to students: University halls and private renting. University halls are accommodation sites provided for and managed by the University of Greenwich. If you’re intending to stay in University halls of residence, then you can see the full list here:


Private landlords also rent their properties out to students, often in the local area. If you’re looking to rent privately then make sure you do your research and take your time to consider your options. You can read our handy guide on private renting here:


The University has also partnered with YourGuarantor to help international students who wish to rent privately. Be sure to check out their webpage:

After you arrive

Once you’ve arrived in the UK and settled into your accommodation, you’ll need to start thinking about some of the next steps. 

When arriving in the UK, you will receive a temporary visa called a vignette. The rest of your visa duration will be recorded on a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP), which you must collect within 10-days of your arrival. You can choose where you want your BRP to be sent but it’s recommended you have it sent to the University. The location for collection will be noted on your decision letter. Collection is from your campus’ Student Centre and you must show your passport, visa vignette, and the decision letter issued by the UKVI.


Remember, UK COVID-19 quarantine regulations are more important than collecting your BRP, so ensure you follow all quarantine advice first, even if it means delaying collection.


To read more about BRPs and the collection process, head here:

Firstly, you must register online via the Student Portal.


Head here to find out more about the first part of registration:


If you are a new student, the University will then need to confirm certain documents to register you. Your qualifications will be checked online but your ID will need to be checked in-person. All international students will need to show a current valid and in-date passport.


Non-EU students must also show a relevant immigration document (this can be a stamped entry visa, a current visa, or BRP).


EU nationals must show either a relevant immigration document (as above) or evidence of settled or pre-settled status to the EU Settlement Scheme.


For all registration information, head to this webpage:

You will need to collect a Greenwich Gateway Card in order to identify yourself on campus and take part in much student activity, including accessing buildings, borrowing library books, and sitting exams.


Make sure you’ve done the following to make collecting your card as smooth as possible:
  • Complete your online registration
  • Bring your student ID number
  • Bring your original form of ID used during the document checking element of registration
  • Bring your visa Completed any required COVID-19 quarantine

You can collect your card from your campus’ Student Centre.

You can upload an ID photo beforehand, or have it taken on-site.


To find out where to collect your card, along with the times the Student Centre is open, head here:

You should set up a ‘current account’ with a bank or building society when you arrive in the UK. This will allow you to withdraw cash from an ATM, as well as pay via direct debit and use online or telephone banking.

To open a bank account, you will need:





  • Your passport and visa/BRP, or your EU ID Card

  • A confirmation letter (see above)

  • Evidence of your current address – this can be a tenancy agreement, student accommodation contract, or a letter from the University

  • Some banks may also request proof of address from your home country

An Oyster Card can be a great way to get around London’s transport network and you can use it on the Tube, DLR, trains, buses, trams, and even river boats and Emirates Air Line!


Although you can use a bank card to tap in and out, getting yourself a student Oyster Card will save you money across your journeys.


You can get one here:

Looking after yourself

University can be a daunting experience for many but don’t fear, there are lots of places for you to get the support you need during your studies.  

Be sure to register with a doctor’s surgery when you arrive in the UK.


If you live at Avery Hill, you can register with the Avery Hill Medical Centre. If you are based at Greenwich or Medway, check where to register here:


Students living in London must register with the Metropolitan Police:


Be sure to check out the University’s resources on medical health and services:

Student Wellbeing Services (SWS) offer counselling advice at all three campuses.


You can book a self-referral and find out more information here:

Student Wellbeing Services (SWS) are also there for students who need extra support around disabilities and dyslexia.


To access these services, you’ll have to register first. You can find out more information and register here:

The STAART team can provide support in learning about and transitioning to University life for those with disabilities, long-term health condition, specific learning difficulty, or mental health condition.


You can find out all about STAART and how they can help you here:

Student groups can be a great way to meet new friends, whether they’re cultural groups or wider societies and sports clubs. You can find our societies here:

And our sports clubs here:

You can also join one-off opportunities through GSU Move and all of our one-off events, found through the events tab.

Here’s a quick video with some advice on making friends at university: Finding Your Feet

Support with your studies

There are lots of services that can help you to excell at academia.  

Your Advice Centre is here to advise on a wide range of issues:

  • Academic – appeals; complaints; offences; extenuating circumstances; fitness to practice; fitness to study; interrupting your studies

  • Housing – tenancy agreements; eviction; disrepair; disputes; deposits

  • Home Office letter or email showing your requirement to register (this will only apply if you applied for your BRP in the UK)

  • Health and wellbeing – health; family; personal safety

  • Money – student finance; tuition fees; Access to Learning Fund

  • Other issues – anti-social behaviour; bullying and harassment; disability rights

To ensure your issue is dealt with in the most efficient way possible, be sure to fill out an enquiry form:

Head to the Advice Centre’s webpage to find out more information about the service:

The Library Services team provide workshops and support throughout the year, via their Academic Skills programme.


Be sure to check out all of their great events and information here:

If you need financial support during your studies, or have any questions or concerns regarding finance, then be sure to check out the Student Finance webpage: or email


There are also grants and bursaries that can be accessed depending on your circumstances. You can find them here:

There are lots of great opportunities to enhance your career outside of just studying.


The Employability and Careers team are here to help you make the most out of your time as a student:

Frequently Asked Questions

I have forgotten my username/password, can I still register? 

The Student Centre do not have access to this information to help you register. Please email to resolve any account issues before attempting to register 

I need to set up a UK bank account but I haven’t received any University-issued letters yet 

Email explaining your situation and the Student Centre team can help in issuing an emergency letter. Please note, you must still be fully registered for this to happen. Alternatively, email for fee and funding advice. 

I am a online learner, can I still get an Oyster Card? 

You can still get an Oyster Card, but 18+ discounts are only available to students who regularly study within London. 

I have a court summons, final notice, or other emergency but do not have a council tax letter 

Email explaining your situation and the Student Centre team can help in issuing an emergency letter. Please note, you must still be fully registered for this to happen. 

Do I need a council tax exemption letter if I live in University halls? 

No. All University halls residents are automatically council tax exempt. 


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