Bulgarian Society

Zdraveite /Hello in Bulgarian/, welcome to the Bulgarian Society! This is the place where all Bulgarians can have a home away from home and all international students can learn more about our culture

Who are we?

If you met us already, then you have tried our "banitsa" and wore a "martenitsa" for the 1st of March. Maybe you learned a fact or two about our traditions and our Liberation Day on the 3rd of March.
We are students gathered from all different parts in Bulgaria and this society brings us together. Our aim is to share, socialise and offer a friendly and supportive community to our members. 

What we offer:

  • Friendly atmosphere and lots of fun
  • Support from our members
  • Regular weekly meetings
  • Events for our national holidays
  • Other fun activities - movie nights, team building events in and outside of the University, etc.
  • Dancing our traditional dances, known as "horo"
  • Traditional Bulgarian food
  • Taking part in different events organised outside of the University
  • More information about Bulgaria, its history, culture and traditions

Committee members for the Academic year of 2019/2020:

President - Stefan Boichev

Vice-President - Miryana Stoyanova

Events Manager - Savina Kasamova

Social Media Manager - Maria Tasheva




See below for all the positions we currently have available:

Buy your membership

  • Bulgarian Student Membership£3.00
  • Bulgarian Society Interest List£0.00


There are no scheduled events. Contact us for future events.